Download 36 Lightroom Premium Presets Free

Download 36 Lightroom Premium Presets Free

Download 36 Lightroom Premium Presets Free

Are you looking for Lightroom presets? Can’t find good LIGHTROOM presets anywhere?

This article is for you! You can easily download the 36 best collection of Lightroom presets after reading this article,

What are Lightroom presets?

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In a word, Lightroom presets refer to photo editing with one click,

Or you can call a pre-made colored Photo or dng file, which is also called Lightroom presets,

However, in another sense it is said – Instagram refers to editing with one click like filters, hopefully what the preset has understood,

Why would you download Lightroom presets?

You may know the basics of how to edit photos, but there are many who do not know what the function of Lightroom presets is?

You can easily edit the photo using the Lightroom application, you will not have to face any kind of problem,

Why download? The answer is – if you want to edit the photo, you have to use presets, presets are important for many reasons,
For example.

  •  Photo editing will help
  • Any kind of color correction can be done in one click
  •  It takes less time
  • The new editor helps a lot.
  • Editing skills can be improved

Lightroom presets free download for mobile

Many people want to download presets for mobile, but can’t find good quality Lightroom presets?

If you have come to the right place, this website will get many good LIGHTROOM presets, which you can use both Lightroom mobile and LIGHTROOM classic pc version,

Now the question is where to download? And how to download? Simple, you will easily get the download link, follow the step below.

  1. First, read the whole article,
  2. Then you may have many questions, you will get the answers to those questions,
  3. Now you can see the download link at the bottom or at the top,
  4. After clicking, you can easily enter Google Drive link,
  5. Moreover, to download other category presets, click the Menu option and select the Lightroom category,
  6. There have been many good LIGHTROOM presets shared,

how can i share my lightroom presets?

This is what many editors want to know, especially those who are new editors, now suppose you have edited the photo, the photo color correction is much better,

However, if you would like to save it and share it with another editor, how do you do it now?

It’s effortless you just click on the share button to export, there you will see exports as a preset, click there, and of course set the DNG,

Moreover, then you will see that your storage has been saved automatically, now you can give it to whomever you want, hopefully you have understood,

how to transfer presets from Lightroom mobile to desktop easily

watch how to transfer presets

Many people have a confusion that mobile version presets cannot be used desktop, absolutely wrong idea, you can use Lightroom mobile presets effortlessly,

However, first collect the presets, then open the desktop LRC, click the Lightroom add to presets, must click the menubar,

Much like a mobile Lightroom, the rule of adding presets, and in this way you can easily add,

How to download 50 Lightroom Presets free

50 lightroom presets free download

Download processing is too easy, follow the steps below –

Visit my YouTube channel First, then there have been many good videos uploaded, you will get it effortlessly,

How to download has been said step by step, a basic method has been adopted, anyone can download after watching the video,


I hope you understand how to download, if you do not understand, then comment and tell me,

most viral lightroom presets collection

here is most viral and most downloading lightroom presets ,you can visit these article easily ,and collect your favourite presets , here is list –

Final opinion About presets download

For photo editing you must download,See it helps a lot for a new editor, it is very beneficial to develop their own skills and save photo editing time,


Lightroom mobile or desktop, which one is best for editing?

Mobile Version is best!
Because Lightroom mobile application so easy to use, user-friendly, too easy to use, everyone can edit photo using Lightroom mobile application,

What is the difference between Premium Presets or Normal Presets?

There are many things different in premium presets, such as colors correction, the quality of presets is much better, so premium, but not less than ordinary presets,

Thank YOU for reading

I believe that knowledge provides power, power information, Information leads to education, education gives rise to wisdom.

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