November 28, 2022
Iphone 15 periscope lens

What is the difference between iPhone 15 and 14?

What is the difference between iPhone 15 and 14?

What is the difference between iPhone 15 and 14?
Iphone 15

Everyone has the same question what is the different between iPhone 15 and 14, this article will eliminate this confusion through complete details,

Should you really upgrade from iPhone 14 to iPhone 15?

The topics that will be discussed, iPhone 15 and 14 –

  1. Design
  2. Camera
  3. Will iPhone 15 have 4 cameras?
  4. Chipset
  5. Most significant Change USB-C port
  6. Version Change
  7. Periscope zoom lens (like Samsung Ultra)
  8. Touch ID
  9. More Natural FaceTime Calls
  10. Advanced Spotlight Search
  11. What should be upgraded to final opinion!

The iOS device continually tries to come up with something new all the time,

with the exceptiont that the iPhone 15 is coming up with many features that the iPhone 14 does not have,

iPhone 15 and 14 Design

It’s not long before the release of iPhone 15, which is why everyone knows what exactly is the difference between iPhone 15 and 14?

See the design will be the same as the iPhone 14, the three cameras, display size, weight,

all will be the same, but the iPhone USB c port will be given,

Which is wholly different from the iPhone 14, you can know about this at the USB-C Port Point, but the color will change,

as the iPhone 14 purple color is very popular, Gary black purple can come from it.

Most significant change Camera features

Many were confused about the camera because everyone thought that the 15 series camera would be the same as the iPhone 14,

Apple iPhone has improved a lot from 14 to 15 cameras, zoom camera, Ultra-wide, periscope zoom lens like Samsung Ultra,

Primary: 60MP sensor, 26 mm equivalent f/1.88 -aperture lens, second generation sensor-shift IOS, Dual Pixel AF,

where the iPhone was 14 48MP,

iPhone 15 have 4 cameras?

Iphone 15 have 4 cameras
Iphone 15

The answer to this question is no because Apple had already released rumors that there would be 4 cameras,

Many thought it would be like this,

But apple user experience and design experience think that there will be three cameras like 14, so 4 cameras it is a complete rumor,

iPhone 14 and 15 best different is Chipset

Apple tries with chipsets in every series, for which the number one brand was Apple,

previous series Apple A15 Bionic chip with 5-core GPU for lightning,

But TSMC’s company 15 producing the 3 nm A17 chips expected to be used in the iPhone 15 models,

which will increase performance by 10-15 percent

Moreover also reducing power consumption by up to 30 percent. Which is good news for Apple users,

Biggest Change USB-C port

Iphone 15 USB C Port
Iphone 15

Yes! Hearing this, you must have had a smile on your face, you are pleased to hear,

so far the USB-C port has not been used in any series,

But in the 15th series you will get a UCB -C port like the Android user,

but here’s an interesting thing that Apple never brought a USB-C port on its own,

Due to the regulations of the European Union, the iPhone has been forced to bring 15 type C,

but it is assumed that it will only be a USB-C port for Europe, there is less chance of staying worldwide,

So, here the iPhone will be ahead of the 14 pro,

Version Change

That hasn’t changed, apple has just changed the pro max to Ultra,

for example—iPhone 14 pro max has been renamed iPhone 15 Ultra instead of iPhone 14 pro max,

So, there is not much major difference in this case, if there is no problem with changing your version, then you can stay 14

Periscope zoom lens (like Samsung Ultra)

Iphone 15 periscope lens
Iphone 15 periscope lens

Apple’s initiative is to compete with their competitor Samsung because the Samsung Ultra 100x zoom has gained a lot of popularity with everyone,

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo,

Only the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra will have an extraordinary periscope camera lens,

So, these models will be costly and most demanding,

Periscope lens enables 4x to 10x optical zoom and up to 100x digital lens,

then you can understand that 100x digital periscope lens has been added to compete with Samsung,

Will there be 15 Touch IDs?

Everyone thought that IOS might come up with touch ID, but Apple thought of bringing their flagship device to bring touch ID,

But apple company has confirmed that it will not come up with touch ID before 2025, the official statement can be seen from here,

They will stay in the face ID at this time, thinking about the user experience and display issues, this decision,

More Natural FaceTime Calls

Now you can experience better calls than before in the iPhone 15, allowing you to experience many sharp video calls,

FaceTime calls can be experienced in the new series, sound quality, streaming quality will be much higher quality,

Advanced Spotlight Search and text

Now spotlight search one of the best features in iOS device, any object that uses the spotlight features if you take pictures,

Then you will get the full details, moreover the same situation in the case of live text, then it can be said that you cannot even imagine what is going to come, what is going to come,


What should be upgraded iphone 15 ?

In the end, I want to say that if you do not need much then you can stay 14, but if you think you are enjoying the new future,

So, of course, it should be upgraded! Its price market value will be minimum $2000 Ultra version,

Moreover, there may be more or less, it will depend on a lot of time,

I hope you have got the answers to all your questions, you can share it with friends if you like,

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iPhone 15 Pro Max release date

Expected Launch Date 21st December 2023,

iPhone 15 Pro max price?

Expected Price 2000dollarsWhat is the difference between iPhone 15 and 14?

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