November 28, 2022
10 thousands LIGHTROOM presets

10000 lightroom preset free

10000 lightroom preset free

Yes! You saw it right! Through this article, you can download 10000 Lightroom presets free,

With which you will get presets for editing your lifetime photo, which you can use your photography content,

In this article, the topics that will be discussed –

  1. Importance of presets for photography
  2. How presets work
  3. How to Get Premium Presets Free
  4. how to download 10000 presets
  5. And my perspective about Using presets

Moreover, some other important things will be discussed, but let me tell you one thing,

before downloading presets, read these points well,

How important are presets for Photography

If you are very busy then presets will be of great help to you because many times if you take many pictures, then it is a matter of time to edit these,

However, Lightroom presets will do that to you, with which you can easily save your valuable time,

and you can complete it in the fastest time, then you can understand how much the presets help a photographer,

How presets work photo editing time

However, as I said before, presets save an editor’s time, see everything has a rule, many people know that,

However, because many people do not know that, many people find it difficult to use Lightroom presets, but only you will remember one point,

Just do a bit of face color and light adjustments before you paste presets copy, then you will know the correct use of presets,

How to get premium presets free again without paying anything

Many people will be surprised to hear this, but let’s say that I have been giving free presets pack to everyone for about 1.5 years, anyone can use it for free,

However, premium presets refer to the presets that pay money, and there is another thing that premium presets are the standard of everyone,

moreover, by applying those presets you will be able to make a good quality color correction, hopefully you understand,

how to download 10000 presets

The reason you have come, I will finally tell you how to download, however, see, it will not be possible to give so many files at once because its size becomes too much,

1000 Presets

I have tried to break down, keeping in mind the visitors, I have given separate download links, you will see below or above,

Moreover, if you want to download free premium presets, click here, this article shares the best premium presets

my perspective about Using presets

It is good to use presets, as well as there are bad aspects, but how much you are applying it to yourself is entirely up to you,

However, I think the good side is more than the bad side because by which you edit the picture in one click, it does not take a second and time,


Smile png 

Oil skin preset (lx Editing)

Finally, I will say that you have to use presets to edit the photo; otherwise you will not be able to increase the quality of your work,

Here is list 10 thousands LIGHTROOM presets, click here for 50 presets

2021-2022 best collection 

2022 100 presets collection 

Thank you,

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