500 Lightroom presets free download

500 Lightroom Mobile And pc presets download free

Do you want to download Lightroom presets free? Then you’ve come to the right place,

Through this article, I will tell you how to download presets for Lightroom mobile and PC version completely free of charge,

Why these 500 Lightroom presets are the best

See previous article I have told you a lot about me, if it pleases you, you can see the previous article by clicking here,

Lightroom presets free download


However, I still say that because many are new visitors, I have been graphic design and editing for 4-5 years,

so I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed,

Whatever you find here means that all the content is very standard, you can use it easily, as well as download,

Moreover, the other things that I will discuss

  1. What is Lightroom presets
  2. What are mobile presets and pc presets different?
  3. how to download Lightroom premium presets free
  4. How to download 500 Lightroom presets

Moreover, more important things will be discussed, however many of you comment to come up with a big pack,

you can download the best quality Lightroom presets,

What is Lightroom presets?

This question is a very common question because many people ask this question, especially the new editors, however, I will tell you in simple terms,

In a word – editing the photo with one click is called presets, or in other words,

for example—editing a picture in advance means copying all the effect color corrections of that picture and applying it to your picture,

What are mobile presets and pc presets different?

However, this question is much more important than the above questions because many people do not know it, but there is no reason to worry, I will explain to you in one line,

Yes! To understand the difference of mobile presets and pc presets, I have examined this topic,

first, I checked the LIGHTROOM classic version by taking the mobile presets to the PC,

The result has come that mobile presets support Lightroom classic (PC version), and in the same way pc presets work easily with Lightroom mobile,

so I can say that Lightroom mobile presets and pc presets are the same,

How to download 500 Lightroom presets

That’s why you have come, how to download 500 Lightroom presets, however,

it is not possible to share so many presets together because the file size will be a lot,

So, I broke down and shared a few parts, which you can easily download, now the question is: How do you download?

Don’t worry! For example,—You will see a word that will be like a bold word,


 Png download 

after clicking here Google will take the drive, then you can easily download your favorite presets,

Also click here to download 1000+ Lightroom presets,

Last point
  • In the end, I have made carefully, which will help you a lot to edit the photo, but if you have difficulty downloading, please comment,

Thank you


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