Iphone 14 PUBG mobile 120 FPS support

Iphone 14 pro max PUBG mobile graphics settings

Are you looking for PUBG mobile best sensitivity and graphics setting for the iPhone 14 pro max? 

Then you’ve come to the right place, through this article I’ll share you the best sensitivity settings and graphics settings, which are different from everyone else,

Why would you use my iPhone 14 PUBG mobile graphics settings?

However, if you have read this Article 2022, then I will complete 4 years of PUBG Mobile, and if you have seen it after 2023, then you will understand,

I have collected graphics settings from many good players as well as their sensitivity settings,

I have only spoken in detail about the iPhone 14 sensitivity settings in the previous post, you can visit that article if it pleases you, click here.

Or for your convenience you can easily use the sensitivity settings code, it is effortless, but occasionally the code may not work because of the expiry of the code,

Things related to article iPhone 14 that will be presented to you

  •  iPhone 14 sensitivity settings for PUBG mobile
  •  iPhone 14 pro max graphics settings
  • iPhone 14 support 120 FPS
  • the best sensitivity settings for all Kinds of iPhone series,
  • final opinion

Along with that, I will also tell you more about the solution of all kinds of problems PUBG mobile,

besides, I have written many posts about the iPhone 13 series before, which you liked a lot.

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iPhone 14 PUBG mobile best graphics settings

You know good settings are needed for a good gameplay because 80% depends on these gulls, this percentage can be less or less high,

However, if you want to play without any hassle, then you can easily set up by looking at the pictures given below, your iPhone 14 pro max in all the series,

Graphics settings iphone 14 PUBG mobile
Iphone 14 PUBG mobile

You can download the images below, but if you think that your settings are not perfect, then you can try a few changes, or you can try the training ground.

Iphone 14 PUBG mobile graphics settings
Iphone 14 pro max

I hope you don’t have to face any kind of problems with graphic setting, as well as sensitivity settings,

Will the iPhone 14 support the ‘120’ FPS?

But this question is critical because in everyone’s mind this same question, recently the iPhone 13 PUBG mobile supports 90 FPS,

for which everyone thought that the iPhone 14 series will support 90 FPS,

Iphone 14 PUBG mobile 120 FPS support
PUBG mobile sensitivity settings

Which is an entirely wrong idea because iOS has not yet come up with such an update,

even PUBG mobile has not yet come up with the option of 120 fps, so let’s say Krafton should come up with PUBG mobile 120 fps first,

So, Apple will definitely think about this, so the answer to this question is, in a word, a entirely wrong idea,

I hope you understand, but if it comes in the future, then Krafton and Apple will definitely update us about it.

My perspective about iPhone 14 PUBG mobile graphics settings

However, you have collected everything you need above, now keep one thing in mind, that is, you can use these settings,

But there’s one thing here, that is, there are many players who play with their own made graphics settings, which is excellent,

However if you use the settings I recommend, you may encounter some problems at first,

However if you spend some time on the training ground, then you can easily master,

I hope you understand, but if you don’t understand, please comment below,



Thank you for reading Iphone 14 pro max PUBG mobile graphics settings, again thanks for visiting this Iphone 14 pro max PUBG mobile graphics settings,


Is iPhone 14 pro good for pubg mobile?

yes! iphone 14 best for pubg mobile,smooth gameplay,you will get 90hz to 120hz refresh rate in iphone 14iphone 14 PUBG mobile sensitivity settings

Does the iPhone 14 pro max get hot?

not too much! you can easily play pubg mobile or others game for 3 hoursWhat is the difference between iPhone 15 and 14?


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