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Lightroom Editing—how to edit photos on Lightroom

Lightroom Editing—how to edit photos on Lightroom

Through this article, you can learn how to edit photos with a Lightroom, and also download presets,

Why is the Lightroom application different from everyone else?

The question that comes to the mind of many people is, why is it different from everyone else?

In response, I would like to say that the Lightroom is an application that everyone can use,

However, since Lightroom tools are effortlessly available, everyone can do photo editing because the effects work gorgeously and flawlessly,

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You will get many good results by applying in any picture, moreover, you can do cinematic color correction only using the Lightroom application,

How to edit photos on Lightroom

However, I have said a lot about the Lightroom above, but this point is entirely unique because in this line I will effortlessly teach you step by step how to edit you,

First, you can download from the LIGHTROOM mobile or Lightroom app store or play store,

completely free of charge, but there are some features of the Lightroom that you need to use by paying,

However, secondly after you install the Lightroom you have to import your picture, then start the editing process,

First Rules of every photo editing

You may know that the first rule of photo editing is to make light adjustments because if you do not make light adjustments, you will not be able to start editing,

Moreover, Lightroom lights are much easier to control, I’m not talking about car lights, I’m talking about the photo light part, anyway,

Lightroom mobile presets download


Exposure slider you can actually select your photo perfect light by bringing you in the negative—positive direction,

How To color grade on LIGHTROOM

By doing color correction, you can make your bad picture gorgeous by editing it very well, many people think that it is very difficult to do color correction,

But the funny thing is that if you can spend a little time in the Lightroom with a little mind,

then you can learn effortlessly because no one learns from the mother’s womb,

However, the easiest way to edit the Lightroom is to edit using presets, which helps many new editors, you can also learn how to use presets if you can edit,

How To Use presets Properly on LIGHTROOM

This point is critical, which will help you to use presets, many people do not know how to use presets,

you know that the presets who make apply on top of his photo then uploads that picture in the form of presets,

Due to which these presets may not match your photo, it may also be that after using those presets,

the details of your photo may get worse, so you have to learn to use presets,

However, as you know the Lightroom has come up with the new update, which will help lots who use presets, this update is an option for you.

You will get, by using the option that you can easily reduce the number of presets, you can increase,

Which will read a good effect on your photo, moreover if you want to apply presets in any of your photos then you must keep one thing in mind,

That’s how presets are made and how many light effects have been added to the preset, which will be good for your picture, keep this in mind,

Is it better to use presets?

However, I have said many things above butt here you have to keep some things in mind to use presets,

such as green color and yellow color between light and color grading of those presets after applying any presets,

As well as try to change the orange color and the last aqua color a little,

then you will get a good result because each editor creates presets by applying on his picture,

for which the light in the picture in which the light is more, reduces the light in the picture and makes presets,

However, if there is less light in your picture, then you will not get the expected benefit by using that preset,

but if you retouch it lightly, then you can easily use presets,

On this last point, I want to say,

If you have to use presets, then do, but I think it is always better not to use presets, I have requested you to do this,

Because if you say you would like to be an editor, then you have to practice yourself without using these things,

By practicing, you can become a massive editor, then you will see that you will not need this,

Which will help you a lot in editing your photos and related to editing in terms of doing different types of work,

How to download Lightroom presets

Since I give it for free, you can easily download presets through Google Drive link, and also you can get the lot of presets just visit my website,

but Let me tell you won’t get 10 presets at once because it’s not possible to give Google Drive so many at once,

Download cb Blur background


You’ll see a bold-sized word like download presets below or above, you can easily find it by clicking here,

hopefully you won’t have any more problems, Hopefully you will not face any problem,

Thanks for reading this article, Lightroom Editing—how to edit photos on Lightroom

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