Iphone 14 best sensitivity settings for PUBG mobile

Iphone 14 PUBG mobile sensitivity settings

Are you looking for Iphone 14 PUBG mobile sensitivity settings ? Then you’ve come to the right place,

Because, with this article, you can get iPhone 14 PUBG mobile sensitivity settings,

Why would you use PUBG mobile sensitivity provided by me?

This question may come to the mind of many people, I have been playing PUBG Mobile since the beginning,

you can say it’s been about 4 years, and if you read this article in 2023, it will be about 5 years.

However, I often talk to many competitive players from I mean e-sports players about their sensitivity settings, they often tell me many details about this, I’ll tell you about that,

iPhone PUBG mobile sensitivity problems that will be solved

  • iPhone 14 sensitivity settings
  •  iPhone 14 pro sensitivity
  •  iPhone 14 pro max best PUBG mobile sensitivity
  • Android and iOS PUBG sensitivity settings problem
  • non-gyroscope and gyroscope sensitivity
  • Can iPhone 13 pro max and iPhone 14 same sensitivity settings be used?
  • final opinion

However, the step by step below will explain to you,

iPhone 14 PUBG mobile sensitivity settings

As you know, Apple has brought the iPhone 14 to the market, due to which many people are not getting good sensitivity settings,

But there is no reason for you to stress that you can easily use it by copying the code or sensitivity settings given to you by me,

If you are a gyroscope player, then this is for you, however, the nonGyroscope player can use, but you need to increase the Ads settings,

THE PUBG mobile sensitivity of the iPhone 14, 14 pro, 14 pro max is given along with pictures

  1. First, the camera settings, you can easily use it by copying or downloading directly from the image below,
iphone 14 PUBG mobile sensitivity settings
Iphone 14

2. Ads sensitivity settings for iPhone 14
If you are a Gyroscope player, the ads do not matter much about the sensitivity settings

because the gyroscope and camera setting will be necessary, you can collect from the screenshots below,

Iphone 14 ads sensitivity settings
Iphone 14

3. The best Gyroscope sensitivity for iPhone 14, the nongyro player does not understand how many advantages a gyro player enjoys, it has many advantages, the screenshots are given below again,

Gyroscope sensitivity settings iphone 14
Iphone 14

iPhone 14 PUBG mobile sensitivity for non-gyroscope Player

If you remove the picture of the gyroscope sensitivity settings from the screenshots that you have seen above,

Just you have to increase the ads, for example, if the red dot is 50% you can take it 70% or if it is 50% comfortable, you can keep it,

This is accurately how you have to increase it by 20-30%, but you have to practice the training ground a lot,

What if the iPhone vs. Android PUBG mobile sensitivity settings are the same?

This question is essential because iOS and Android are the difference between the sky,

you may know that the iOS gameplay is not very smooth and lag, but Android is a lot of problems,

So, first, I can say that it is never feasible, if it is not a high-budget phone because the high-budget phone quality is much better now,

Can iPhone 13 pro max and iPhone 14 same sensitivity settings be used?

However, these two versions of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 have not been so long ago, but I would like to remove all your confusion by answering this question.

Yes! You can because 13 and 14 don’t have much of a difference, but if you think using the same PUBG mobile sensitivity settings is a problem,then my suggestion is, just increase it by 5-10%,

Only then can you solve its problem!

Moreover, if you are looking for the best PUBG mobile sensitivity settings for the iPhone 13 pro max, then you can visit from a next article by clicking here,

Last point

I’m a professional e-sports’ player, I know many people get into a lot of trouble because of good sensitivity settings,



so I’ve shared these from my experience,
But there’s one because with someone’s copied sensitivity settings you can’t play well or be comfortable right away,
You must practice a lot,


Is iPhone 14 pro much better than 13 ?

answer is no, this two device almost similar, iPhone 14 and 13 uses Apple’s A15 Bionic chip,so same chipset,there is no performance difference

best sensitivity for pubg mobile whithout gyroscope ?

follow this – TPP no scope 90 to 100%,red dot 50 to 60%,2x scope 40 to 50%,3x scope 60%,4x scope 80%,6x scope 100%,and last 8x scope 60%,

Download snapseed png

Download bokeh png

I hope you’ve figured out, happy gaming.


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