1000 Lightroom presets free

Lightroom Editing – 1000 Lightroom Presets 

Lightroom Editing – 1000 Lightroom Presets 

This article will be the best article on the website because as you know already I always pack Lightroom presets with the least, such as download top 10 presets,

But this post is the most exceptional because 1000 Lightroom presets are not less in number, which will play a special role in your editing; however, I can’t give you together because some limitations are set,

How to do Lightroom editing? 

Photo editing with Lightroom is effortless, but it seems difficult to many, however, at this point I will make you understand everything by clearing everything, but if I don’t understand, I will recommend many of your videos.

However, first you have to download the Lightroom, first you want to clear one thing is that Lightroom mobile and Lightroom classic pc are the same,

let’s come to the main word, after downloading the Lightroom, you will open your picture in it,

How to edit your picture with a Lightroom

However, in the above point, I have said how to download and how to open the photo with it, after opening the photo,

first you have to adjust the light because the first rule of photo editing is to adjust the light,

then choose according to your picture what kind of color you want to apply to your picture.

Then you have to make a color correction, there you can do the color correction according to your need effortlessly,

just you can do the slide of your color icon effortlessly, but keep in mind that the over-color correction does not happen,

How to get the details into the picture with Lightroom

However, many people ask this question, but it is not that difficult because you can bring details with Lightroom,


you can edit the clarity and texture and haze according to the light of your image cautiously, then you can bring the details into your picture,

With moreover, Lightroom you can bring smoothness into your picture, if you read the above points, then you can bring smoothness to your appearance using the same process,

How to download 1000 Lightroom presets free 
1000 Lightroom presets free

Lightroom presets

First, one of the reasons you read this article is that you need 1000 Lightroom presets, you have to download it, however, if you have downloaded presets from this website before, then you will understand,

100+ Presets download link click here

2nd 50+ presets link

Since I give it for free, you can easily download presets through Google Drive link, but Let me tell you won’t get 1000 presets at once because it’s not possible to give Google Drive so many at once,

Premium 50+ Presets Free 

Top 100 old collection presets pack

You’ll see a bold-sized word like download presets below or above, you can easily find it by clicking here, hopefully you won’t have any more problems,


Unlimited Best Premium presets 

Top 30 Lightroom presets 


Here is some articles you can download more presets

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Lightroom 60 Presets link 

Thanks for reading this article Lightroom Editing—1000 Lightroom Presets


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