PUBG mobile 1.8 update apk download

PUBG mobile Apk – 1.8 update

You can download this article PUBG mobile Apk – 1.8 update,

I know you are reading this article after a lot of searching, then you have come to the right place,

Because you can easily download exactly the right way through this post PUBG mobile 1.8 update apk, moreover you must read it completely to download, then you will understand,

Firstly find out what features will be most helpful in this 1.8 update –

 (1) New Winter mode Theme and Lobby:

As you know it is winter now, for which PUBG mobile has brought this mode on the occasion of winter season new winter mode theme and lobby, you can enjoy this wonderful winter mode after giving 1.8 update,

Download Tiger Background png 

lets Move 2nd awesome update 8 v 8 TDM mode:

This update is the most unexpected update 8 v 8 Tdm mode, but this mode will help a PUBG mobile player skills development, so these features but very important,

PUBG mobile 1.8 update apk download

8v8 tdm mode

3rd Most Valuable update ” Stricter anti-cheat update (No more cheating!)

Personally, I am very happy to hear that this update is coming, from now on the number of Match Hackers will be reduced, because the player who uses anything illegally, the player will be permanently banned with his device, so this featurer will help a lot to conquer push,

Now how to download PUBG mobile 1.8 apk;

You can download the apk very easily, without any problem, you can download directly from the link given below, so download without delay,

Download directly PUBG mobile 1.8 apk

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Download Presets

Lastly, I would like to say that if you encounter any kind of problem to download the apk, please comment, moreover, you can contact me directly through my social media,


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