PUBG mobile 1.8 update in bangladesh

You can learn how to do PUBG mobile 1.8 update in bangladesh through this article

You know PUBG mobile has been banned in Bangladesh for many months, although PUBG mobile ban has expired, Even then PUBG mobile has not been unbanned yet, so even after the new update 1.8 of PUBG mobile came playstore or appstore update did not come,., So I will tell you how to update pubg mobile new 1.8 update apk .

PUBG mobile 1.8 update download in Bangladesh

How to download PUBG mobile 1.8 update apk? In Bangladesh

YouTube, Facebook, different websites will tell you in different ways how to download 1.8 PUBG mobile apk, but those platforms have said in a very difficult way,Which is very hard to download for a normal player, but I will tell you how to download 1.8 PUBG mobile apk in the easiest way,

However, one thing you must keep in mind is that you must check the playstore before downloading the apk, because it cannot be said that the playstore update may come despite the ban,

Now you can easily download PUBG mobile 1.8 update apk from the link given below, If you have any problem to download, be sure to comment, and if you want, you can easily contact me directly on YouTube and Facebook or Instagram.


Download Instagram DP Editing png click here”’

Download PUBG mobile 1.8 update apk

Download directly on Playstore

Read more about 1.8 update Features full details PUBG mobile/BGMI

One of them is mountain bicycle in 1.8 update

You must have been shocked to see the naming, because no one could have imagined the pubg mobile bicycle, PUBG Mobile brings something new and interesting in every update,

PUBG mobile 1.8 update


Maximum speed this bicycle without sprinting (85% Throttle): 50 km/h.Riding with 40% or more Boost (90% Throttle): 54 km/h

Download All editing png (oil painting concept)

Moreover PUBG mobile is going to celebrate 4th year anniversary this year, you too can participate in this wonderful event,

So you can participate in this event,


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