Everyone will get it for free PUBG Mobile – New Glacier X-SUIT is Here

Everyone will get it for free PUBG Mobile – New Glacier X-SUIT is Here

You will be very happy to hear the news that PUBG mobile New Glacier X-Suit is going to give all the players in a few days, this time for the first time PUBG mobile is going to give every player such a big outfits and also for free again.,So since this news was leaked every player has been sitting with a lot of interest when the glacier X-Suit will come, so you have no reason to worry anymore.Today, in this article I will tell you all the details, how you can get glacier X-Suit and its outfits, so you must read in full,

What would the Glacier X-Suit look like?

As you can see from the glacier name this X-Suit will look like the glacier of M4 gun, you can see it better from the picture given below., The color combination of the X-Suit is beautifully designed, which looks a lot like a king,You will experience a different feeling during the gameplay, one more thing to keep in mind, but it needs to be updated.,

PUBG Mobile Glacier X-SUIT release date

Glacier X-SUIT

This X-Suit needs to be updated up to level 6, you must update so you can have real fun glacier X-Suit,Now I will tell you how this glacier X-Suit will show one update up to level 2-6,

Level 2 X-Suit;

From the picture below you can see how glacier X-Suit has come up with a nice outfit PUBG mobile

PUBG mobile glacier X-Suit

Glacier X-SUIT

Level 3 glacier X-Suit picture :

PUBG mobile glacier X-Suit level 3

Level 3 glacier X-Suit

Level 4 ( victory Broadcast)Glacier X-Suit :Victory broadcast means kill feed, this victory broadcast is different from others, you can understand from the picture given below,

PUBG mobile Glacier X-SUIT Kill message

Kill message

Level 5 (Shock and Awe): After the update so far glacier X-Suit will look different, after the update up to Level 5 you will see the final result.

Glacier X-SUIT level 5

Level 5

Level 6 ( Final form) 

PUBG mobile Glacier X-SUIT Final look

Level 6

And finally in the lobby you will see the X-Suit show with a different emote, which is different from all other X-Suits, which will make you feel like a glacier,

PUBG mobile glacier X-Suit lobby

Glacier X-Suit

Now I will tell you about the most important thing, how do you get this glacier X-Suit?

PUBG mobile will give each player a chance to get Glacier X-Suit, You will have many events in the game, you have to fill them, then there is a chance that you will win the glacier X-Suit, now the question is when will it come?

pubg mobile 1.8 update comes with glacier x-suit,You can say that pubg mobile is going to be given as a New Year’s gift on the occasion of new year, Click here to know About 1.8 PUBG mobile update (Click here)

Finally, I would like to say that those of you who are excited for this glacier X-Suit, must comment and say,And let us know by sharing this post with your friends, PUBG has come up with mobile glacier X-Suit


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