Viral Nora fatehi kusu kusu song Total earning on YouTube

Viral Nora fatehi kusu kusu song Total earning on YouTube


This article or section needs sources or references that appear in credible, third-party publications.In a word, how much money has the t-series earned and how much money has Nora Fatehi got,

Nora fatehi

You may know that kusu kusu new song is going to cross 100M + views on youtube, This song choreography has fascinated everyone so much that everyone has got a lot of love, This kusu kusu music satyameva jayate has been made as 2 movie item songs, this song has been danced by the hottest model nora fatehi of this time, nora fatehi has presented herself in this kusu kusu music in a way that is incredible, She can dance so beautifully that it is impossible for anyone else to do it. In this kusu kusu song nora fatehi has danced so hotly which deserves praise, To make him dance to this song I had to do a lot of hard work practice,Anyway, let’s go to main point

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kusu kusu song earning running time 

Kusu kusu song

Since earning on YouTube, I will share with you, This kusu kusu music is still playing at 100M + Views, So 100M + views so far t-series company has earned about 10 crore rupees from this music (Maybe more or less), Also received a lot of response from various sponsorships,

nora fatehi takes 45+ lakh rupees for an item songs, However, now that Nora Fatehi has received a lot of work response, she is now taking almost crores of rupees,

Who is Nora fatehi ? 

Nora fatehi( insta photo)

Nora fatehi was born in Canada, she grew up there, then moved to India, at first she could not speak Hindi well, she would get rejected in various auditions, then dilbar dilbar after doing this music she did not have to look back, now she is India one of the High ratted item songs heroin,

Nora fatehi

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