Free 1700 Plus Character Vouchers – Get Free Andy & Carlo

Free 1700 Plus Character Vouchers – Get Free Andy & Carlo

You will be happy to hear that PUBG mobile is giving so many vouchers together for the first time, because PUBG mobile has never given so many vouchers, so this voucher event is very popular with PUBG mobile player, so I will tell you today Free 1700 Plus Character Vouchers – Get Free How to get Andy & Carlo,


Andy character

You may know that many PUBG mobile has come up with a new event called mirror world, mirror world event is very beautiful and a very unique update, moreover mirror world event pubg mobile player everyone liked a lot, because this event has a lot of kills,

PUBG arcane

As a result, each player is increasing their kill ratio, which is why this mirror world event has become more popular with everyone, so lets go to the main point –

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how to get 1700+ free voucher:

You know, the anna event has already arrived, with the mirror world comes a new character whose name is anna character, PUBG mobile wants everyone to get this character for free,So to take it every player has to complete 5 different missions in 5 weeks,The 1st week is already gone, now the 2nd week is going on, every week about 400+ free voucher PUBG mobile will give to every player, These missions are very simple and every player can complete this mission,

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Anna characterSo you must play this 5 week PUBG mobile login + a few matches every day, then you can collect 5 week 1700+ voucher

I hope you read this article and understand how you can get 1700+ character voucher for free,

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