Prize money and Match schedule – PUBG Global Championship 2021 

Prize money and Match schedule – PUBG Global Championship 2021

Looking at today’s naming, you understand what this article will be about, which teams will participate in your pgc global championship today,I will tell you about Match schedule and prize money, then you will understand why this article is going to be so expensive, So to know these things you must read thoroughly,


Before that let’s give a little idea about PGC (Pubg Global Championship )-

You know, before football, cricket, hockey and so many other sports, they would only have this World Cup or world tournament, But now e-sports pubg is going to organize world championship tournament with online games which will start stream from 19th November, The final will be in December.

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Now I will share with you the list of which team will participate –

32 teams that will participate in the biggest event of the PUBG Esports year, the PUBG Global Championship 2021!

 ★ASIA pubg team


•KaiXin Esports,

•Petrichor Road,

•17 Gaming,Multi Circle Gaming,


~KOREA participate PUBG team

•Danawa e-sports,

•GHIBLI Esports,

•MaD Clan,



~JAPAN participate pubg team



•Global Esports Xsset

AMERICAS participate PUBG team

• Dignitas,


• Spacestation Gaming

• Oath Gaming, Soniqs,


APAC participate PUBG team


•Attack All Around,

•Unicorn Phoenix Da Nang

•Buriram United Esports,

•Bao Nam United,

•ArkAngel Predator,

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~EUROPE participate PUBG team

• Team Liquid,

• Question Mark,


• BBL Esports


• FaZe Clan,

• Natus Vincere,

these teams participate on pubg global Championship tournament,

Prize money pubg global championship

This tournament prize money has been kept at $ 2,000,000 USD, this 2 million lots of money, Which will defeat the football tournament, There are also separate prizes,The tournament will also reward the player with the most kills ($10,000), 10k dollars but not less,In addition to the impressive team performance there will be a separate 20,000k dollars,Moreover the lowest ranking teams will make out with $ 10k each.

Now when can you enjoy PUBG Global Championship -The pubg global championship is scheduled at different times, listed below;

schedule & results

Rank Decision Matches Will be held on November 19-21

Full schedule TBC Will

Week 1: November 23-28, Week 2 November 29-December 5

Week 3 will be : December 6-12

Full schedule TBC

Grand Final will be held on December 16-19

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