I will tell you today how to download officially pubg new state

You know that pubg new officialy  released all over the world together on this date on 11th November, everyone heard this news and sat down with a lot of interest.,And we don’t have to wait. PUBG new state has officially come to playstore, However, one problem that many are facing is that many are not able to download  from playstore.So I will solve this problem for you, you will follow my steps,

PUBG New State download link below

Before downloading,let us know about some new features;

Many of you thought that pubg mobile and PUBG new state would be the same, but those of you who thought so were wrong. Because with this idea many people thought that pubg mobile and pubg new state will be similar, but the concept is same and other things will change completely, Those of you who have played PUBG pc will understand that what I mean is just like PUBG pc games,

now YOUR question is how to download this game ? 

To download  new state, you have to go to taptap website by clicking on the link given below.-

PUBG New State

Lightroom realistic dark effect presets ( (click here)

Instagram photo editing PNG (click here)

PUBG New State link ( click here) enjoy it

Note: taptap PUBG  state is very easy to download, a lot of playstore can be downloaded exactly as you download,I hope you brought how to  pubg new state 

Download Blue background (bhm Editor click here)

After downloading you will definitely need PUBG new state sensitivity settings and control code, so you have no reason to worry I have written many articles on this topic. You will find below or at the beginning of this website, Or I will give you a link to that page so that you can easily make sensitivity settings,,Moreover I am India’s biggest gamer dynamo gaming with 10m + subscribers, I have shared its sensitivity settings and control code, with that sensitivity you can easily set the PUBG new state, (click here )to get sensitivity settings and control code ,

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