how to update pubg mobile 1.7 version in bangladesh 

how to update pubg mobile 1.7 version in bangladesh 

You know very well that PUBG mobile 1.7 update is going to add many good features, this update has added many new funny features, one of them is piggyback feature, moreover in addition to these features krafton is going to add, you know 1.6 update yet Ongoing, but interestingly, there are still 2 weeks left for the 1.7 update to come, but PUBG mobile 1.7 update krafton has given the opportunity to test,As I told you earlier, PUBG mobile has released 1.7 update while there is version 1.6, there are still 2 weeks left till the end of version 1.6, so pubg mobile has given players the opportunity to experience PUBG mobile 1.7 update,

So today how to update pubg mobile 1.7 version in bangladesh

Find out what the 1.7 update will be like- The most interesting update in the 1.7 update is the piggyback update, I will tell you about the piggyback features.-

Iphone 13 pro max pubg mobile sensitivity settings “””( click here) “”


When PUBG mobile teammates get knocked out by the enemy, it becomes very difficult to save them, which is why teammates get knocked out, which often makes teammates angry. Don’t be angry after this 1.7 update,You can save your teammate by carrying your teammates on your shoulders, this feature has been updated in a very realistic way,

Save teammate like that

This will be inserted into your control code, you will be able to see your control code as soon as the update arrives, this feature has been added, or this update option will be left in the settings that you may need to turn on.

Piggyback feature

Snapseed Dark and brown background ” (click here)

Download dark and blue presets ‘””(click here)”””

Download Pink color background””'”””” ( (click here)

“”now question is how to update pubg mobile and bgmi 1.7 version in bangladesh?

You can update in two ways, the first is from Playstore and the second is from taptap and apkpure.Moreover you can also pay from PUBG mobile official website, since Bangladesh PUBG mobile ban so you have to use 2nd method

Update 1.7 version on Taptap “”( click here ) “”

Update 1.7 version on Apkpure “””( Click here ) “”

Click here to update officially pubg mobile 1.7 update ”’click here”’

update PUBG mobile 1.7 test version for android (click here )

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