PUBG New State Sensitivity Settings and control code

PUBG New State Sensitivity Settings and control code

Today I will share with you what I will tell you today about PUBG new state sensitivity settings and control code, because you know very well that PUBG new state has become very popular after PUBG mobile.This game has just been released for which no one can provide proper PUBG new state sensitivity settings and control.

So you have no reason to worry, I will share control code with your PUBG new state sensitivity settings,

I hope you can use this sensitivity settings to make PUBG new state a lot of gaming performance,

so now I’m sharing with you PUBG New State Sensitivity Settings 

One thing to keep in mind, this PUBG new state game is very much like pubg pc version, this game you will not be able to see the map enemy footstep, moreover you will hear the sound of footsteps, then you will understand how interesting and hard level this game will be,

But I think there is no reason to worry about these things because if we played pubg mobile before we expected this game, you will be able to master this game very easily, and what can I say about the graphics, in a word, great graphics have been designed, more details about pubg new state. Visit this post to know-click here 

PUBG new state sensitivity –

at first Free camera

•1st person will be -300%

•2nd person -300%

•3rd person -300%

Now main camera

•1st person no scope – 55%

•3rd person – 55%


•2x scope – 35%

•3x Scope -30%

•4x scope – 25%

•6x scope- 15%

•8x scope -7%

Now ads sensitivity 

•3rd person- 55%

•1st person- 55%


•2x scope- 1%

•3x scope- 1%

•4x “- 1%

•6x -1%

•8x scope – 1%

Now important step gyroscope sensitivity PUBG New State

•1st person – 300%

••3rd person -300%

•reddote & holo – 400%

•2x scope- 300%

•3x scope -285%

•4x scope -186%

•6x scope – 112% (you need to lot of practice)

•8x scope -97%

Here is paraboy sensitivity setting code – 7007-2480-0687-3886-212

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