realme 6 pubg sensitivity settings 2021

realme 6 pubg sensitivity settings 2021 

In today’s post I will share with you realme 6 pubg sensitivity settings 2021, I have shared iPhone 13 pro max more different types of mobile pubg mobile best sensitivity, today I will share realme DEVICE’s PUBG mobile sensitivity at your request, iOS and Android’s sensitivity There is a huge difference between, those of you who have used the iPhone, then you can understand how smooth gaming experience PUBG mobile ios device can be, but this does not mean that the Android device gaming performance is bad, if you can use the right sensitivity Android and good gaming Performance is possible, so you need to make good sensitivity settings, so today I will share with you a good pubg mobile best sensitivity setting for Android,


Paraboy PUBG

You know very well that iOS device PUBG recoil control is very easy, if you apply spray from any range of iOS device, the spray is so perfect that your opponents players will be easily knocked out later, you will win very easily, but for Android this It’s a very difficult subject, but people can do what they want, if you practice well, you can also control the recoil with the Android device, for that you need a good pubg mobile sensitivity settings, I have shared the full details below.

at first Free camera 

•1st person will be -300%

•2nd person -300%

•3rd person -300%

Now main camera

•1st person no scope – 55%

••3rd person – 55%


••2x scope – 35%

•3x Scope -30%

••4x scope – 25%

•6x scope- 15%

••8x scope -7%

Now ads sensitivity 

•3rd person- 55%

••1st person- 55%


••2x scope- 1%

•3x scope- 1%

••4x “- 1%

•6x -1%

••8x scope – 1%

Now important step gyroscope sensitivity PUBG mobile

•1st person – 300%

••3rd person -300%

•reddote & holo – 400%

••2x scope- 300%

•3x scope -285%

••4x scope -186%

•6x scope – 112% (you need to lot of practice)

••8x scope -97%

Here is paraboy sensitivity setting code – 7007-2480-0687-3886-212

Iphone 13 pro max pubg sensitivity click here

I have given you the sensitivity settings that you can use iOS device if you want, not only that realme 6 this sensitivity settings can only use realme 6, you can make this sensitivity settings on any device,

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