PUBG New State Release Date in USA – confirm Date 

PUBG New State Release Date in USA – confirm Date 

Pubg new state game is a kind of excitement between everyone, everyone is saying when this game will be published, when this game will come to playstore and app store, everyone is tweeting, Facebook, Instagram, all social platforms are talking about when this game will come to us, Because this game is part 2 of the current popular game Pubg mobile, you can say this, because this game is like pubg mobile, but don’t think that this game will be like pubg mobile, this game will be very different, then you can understand why this game is for everyone. There’s so much excitement going on with this game,

Now today’s main topic is PUBG new state release date in usa?

When usa PUBG new state will be released, we all know we usa people are very game lovers, that’s why we are so worried,

A few days ago PUBG new state Alpha test 1 was successfully tested, pubg new state alpha test 1 was done in June 2021, after test 1 successfully started working with krafton’s test 2, which resulted in pubg new state alpha test 2 Test 2 has been done simultaneously in 28 countries, alpha test 2 is still being done from August to October, because the final test will be based on long user experience,

Alpha test 2 results

PUBG New State global version release date click here

We hope we can play pubg new state in USA very soon, krafton is working fast on this issue, we hope pubg new state we can play pubg new state by the end of this year,

Now we are talking about the date on which we can download this game officialy playsteoey and app store?

According to krafton, this game will be released by December or 2022 January.

So we may have to wait another 2-3 months,

Moreover, let me tell you that pubg new state alpha test 2 has been done in the following 28 countries

1. Maldives

2. 2.Malaysia

3. 3.Myanmar

4. 4.Nepal

5. 5.Oman

6. 6.Bahrain

7. 7.Cambodia

8. 8.Chinese Taipei

9. 9.Egypt

10. 10.Jordan

11. 11.Kuwait

12. 12.Laos

13. 13.Philippines

14. 14.Qatar

15. 15.Yemen

16. 16.Saudi Arabia

17. 17.Singapore

18. 18.South Korea

19. 19.Sri Lanka

20. 20.Thailand

21. 21.Turkey

22. 22.Hong Kong SAR

23. 23.Indonesia

24. 24.Iraq

25. 25.Japan

26. 26.Lebanon

27. 27.Macau SAR

28. 28.United Arab Emirates

If you belong to these countries

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I hope now you know that Pubg new state release date in usa – Confirm Date

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