PUBG Mobile New update Runic Power is Back

Today’s topic PUBG Mobile New update Runic Power is Back 

PuBG mobile always comes up with new updates, every week season PUBG mobile comes up with something new, but this time pubg mobile 1.2 update runic power updated with runic power PUBG mobile 1.6 brought this update again, this runic power event Introduced m4 royal pass until the end, one of the reasons for bringing it is that this event became so popular that pubg mobile again brought this event in front of the players,

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Let me tell you in detail about this, many people know about this event but many people don’t know about this runic power, because this event came 1.2 this update,

And now pubg mobile 1.6 is running,

Let me tell you,

What will be the runic power;

•Wind shelter

•Magma wheel

•Ice wall

This event will have the above 3 effects, these 3 are the best updates of PUBG mobile, let me tell you some details about these 3 updates.

Wind Shelter 

Wind shelter is a kind of protection wall, when your opponent’s player tries to kill you, you can protect yourself a lot by using this wind shelter, because this effect allows you to increase your healing, moreover if you are inside this wind shelter you will be shot. You can’t kill it, because it doesn’t shoot through, and if you stay in it, you can boost yourself, so you know this update is very popular for this.

Wind shelter

Magma wheel 

Magma wheel is a great update, because with this magma wheel you can protect yourself from enemy hands, because behind it you can easily escape with the cover, moreover you will not only survive but this magma wheel but running forward. , So that you can easily knockout the enemy, comment on how you like this magma wheel

Magma wheel

ice wall

Ice wall is very popular with other players compared to the other two, because this effect is very popular with everyone, because using this ice wall you can cover yourself anywhere, you can use this ice wall in any empty space, it is your shield. Works, which is why PUBG mobile player is so popular,

Ice wall

at last I would like to inform you that every PUBG mobile player can use one out of 3,

Evu ground

because one player can use one, so you will be saved in game which will give you more support,

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