BGMI and PUBG mobile new Piggyback feature coming on 1.7 update

BGMI and PUBG mobile new Piggyback feature coming on 1.7 update

PUBG mobile every season brings an update that is very beautiful and creative, you may not believe 1.7 This update brings these amazing features PUBG mobile, not only piggyback feature but also a better quality feature will be added, you can find out more in this post. Must visit, click here

So today I will tell you about 1.7 pubg mobile piggyback feature,

Not to mention the piggyback feature has just been added to the pubg battle ground (pc version), the game of peace (chinese version) will be added in October, we all know before the PUBG mobile global version comes first pubg game of peace comes first update , Then krafton global version PUBG mobile release, then you can understand we all pubg mobile 1.7 will get this update piggyback feature, this feature is very beautiful and looks like fire,

Now I will tell you some details about the benefits of this piggyback feature;

When PUBG mobile teammates get knocked out by the enemy, it becomes very difficult to save them, which is why teammates get knocked out, which often makes teammates angry. Don’t be angry after this 1.7 update,

You can save your teammate by carrying your teammates on your shoulders, this feature has been updated in a very realistic way,

This will be inserted into your control code, you will be able to see your control code as soon as the update arrives, this feature has been added, or this update option will be left in the settings that you may need to turn on.

Piggyback feature

PUBG mobile has given it another name -That is carry:

PUBG mobile, this is PUBG pc and game of peace (Chinese version) has already been added, these features have become so popular for which PUBG mobile global has been added. version it has been added, when the player is knocked, you don’t have to revive the open place player like before, after this update you can save your teammates by taking your teammate on your shoulders to the safe zone, then you will understand how popular PUBG mobile 1.7 updates will be,

Save teammate like that

i hope YOU enjoy this 1.7 update,

Piggyback feature will be one of the best features in PUBG mobile,

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