PUBG New State release date in global – officially announced

In this post I’m sharing with you PUBG New State release date in global – officially announced

There is a lot of excitement about PUBG New State, when this game will be released, when players from all over the world will be able to play this PUBG new state, there is a kind of excitement among everyone, so I have come to give you a good news, that is we all know PUBG NEW STATE’s developers have announced the second alpha test of the game, which will be this October, this test will be done in many countries, this 2nd alpha test will be done in about 28 countries, players of those countries will be able to experience PUBG New State, this game pubg mobile & BgMi & also game of peace will be far ahead of this,

2nd alpha test

There is no difference between Pubg mobile and PUBG new state, but not that PUBG mobile and PUBG new state gaming performance and experience will be the same, there will be a big difference,

The aspects in which the PUBG new state is far ahead are highlighted below;

• glitch problem improve

• lag problem solve

• better graphic like pc version,

• Realistic gaming experience

• new gun add better than PUBG mobile

• new map

• realistic smoke effect

• and much more effect YOU can see when you download PUBG New state game

Now I will talk about your main topic:PUBG new State game The 2nd alpha test of this game will be done in some 28 countries, as mentioned below-

As you well know pubg new state first alpha test is done only in USA, but now it is being done in 28 countries, then you understand that developers are working hard to publish this game globally, we hope that this game may be released worldwide by the end of this year. Will be done,


Officially, you can play in 28 countries PUBG new state ;

1. Maldives







8.Chinese Taipei








16.Saudi Arabia


18.South Korea

19.Sri Lanka



22.Hong Kong SAR





27.Macau SAR

28.United Arab Emirates

If you belong to these countries

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