PUBG mobile 1.7 update features (leaks)

In today’s post I will tell you PUBG mobile 1.7 update features (leaks)

You will not believe when you hear 1.7 update has added so many good features that have never been updated before in pubg mobile history, so many beautiful features have been added which will make people more interested in playing pubg, so I will share with you today what will be this 1.7 update PUBG mobile,

PUBG mobile 1.7 update Many things have been added, I will tell you the best update in PUBG mobile

new car update

You can see how beautifully the PUBG mobile 1.7 updates(leaks) car has been added by looking at the picture below. Gaming experience will improve, especially driving will improve, krafton is always looking at this, krafton always wants pubg mobile gaming experience to be better, players want to experience pc level gaming performance,

New amazing car( image by krafton)

Now I will tell you about the best features of these 1.7 updates which are the best features of pubg mobile so far.

Iphone 13 pro max pubg Mobile Best sensitivity settings click here

That is carry:

PUBG mobile, this is PUBG pc and game of peace (Chinese version) has already been added, these features have become so popular for which PUBG mobile global has been added. version it has been added, when the player is knocked, you don’t have to revive the open place player like before, after this update you can save your teammates by taking your teammate on your shoulders to the safe zone, then you will understand how popular PUBG mobile 1.7 updates will be,

Save teammate like that

Moreover, another feature has been added These features are very good, they are gliding features, you can understand by looking at the pictures below gliding features have been made more smooth and realistic, you know very well this pubg mobile gliding time, especially when gliding down a lot of glitch problems to wear, pubg After mobile 1.7 update, you will not have to suffer from this problem anymore,

PUBG mobile gliding

1.7 update More good good gun, map, redzone, new new building, map zone rotation has been added which I will tell you next post,

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