how to improve pubg mobile performance on low-end devices

In this post I will tell you how to improve pubg mobile performance on low-end devices

If you are a pubg mobile player then you are aware that you have to face a lot of lag problems while playing PUBG, especially low-end device,Because not everyone has a good mobile, pubg after every update low-end device has to deal with a lot of lag problem, so I will share some tips on how to play lag free PUBG, you must read to the end,

First I will tell you what are the reasons to face lag problem –

1. low device (low ram & low processor)

2. Bad networks (bad interest connection)

3. Mobile warming up

4. If Device Charge is reduced (under 20%)

5. Many apps keep background running

6. Many times a hacker goes to pubg to actually face the lag problem,

7. Teammate This problem is often encountered when the internet connection is bad

8. This problem will come if you play pubg with mobile charge

9. If you play using vpn, you will have to read this problem

10. Most important device storage is full

There are many more reasons to face PUBG mobile lag problem, I have shared these collections from many players with you,

Now I will tell you how to solve this problem –

pubg mobile refinement before game start;

You may be wondering when you hear the word purification?

No! chemicals need to be experimented with, in fact I don’t mean it, I mean you have to restart your mobile first before you play pubg, then you have to clear all the background apps running while you are doing this, you must be good at doing this. Get lag free gaming performance,

use gfx tool

There are different types of gfx tool apps available in Google playstore, you can use these gfx tools, there are many free apps and there are many paid apps that you can use, you can solve many lag problems after using them, but there are many to use these gfx tools. There is a risk, many times you may lose your pubg id, many have lost their hobby id as a result of using these, but you can use it, because many have been using it for a long time,

You can find YouTube details on how to use it,

Best sensitivity for iphone 13 pro max click here

improve internet connection:

Many times you have to face a lot of pubg lag problem due to bad internet, so you try to change your internet connection,

how to protect the device from overheating;

Device overheating is a big and common problem, if you play PUBG for a long time, your CPU gets hit a lot, causing the mobile to get very hot You can save from, another thing you can do is sit next to the electric fan and play pubg, then your device will be a little cold in the air of the fan,

The main reason is that if the low-end device does not have device storage space, you must keep the phone storage as empty as possible while playing PUBG, because pubg apps collect a lot of data when running, your phone storage space is not empty at that time. If you have Mobile

The cpu gets hot and starts to lag, so you try to keep it as empty as possible,

I hope you understand,

In the end, I would like to say that you must follow the tips given by me to get the best gaming performance, moreover, I have already mentioned above, what are the reasons for lag, I hope you avoid your low-end device to experience the pubg game better.Yes,

thanks FOR reading

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