How To improve pubg mobile skills & accuracy

Today I will tell you how to improve pubg mobile pubg mobile skills & accuracy

Nowadays PUBG mobile game has become very popular, especially because of this game a lot of good work sector is being created, one of which is the e-sports sector, a good pubg player in this sector can earn a lot of money to participate in these esports tournaments. By then, you can understand how important Pubg Mobile has become for every player, for which everyone wants to take their gameplay to a better level in this game, so today I will tell you how to improve your skills and accuracy,

The most important thing to improve the gameplay is the best sensitivity, you can read this post if you want to know the full details about here

PUBG sensitivity

PUBG mobile sensitivity settings

Also, let me share some basic tips – when you copy and use sensitivity from someone, keep one thing in mind, you have to practice a lot on these settings in the training ground, because every player has different skills, you You need to understand what is the best sensitivity for you, you have to find out by going to the training round, I hope you understand,

Now move on to important step control setting

Many players play in many different ways, some play with 2 fingers, some play with 3 fingers, some play with 4 fingers, some play with 5 fingers, many people play pubg with 6-7 fingers, no matter how many fingers it plays, it doesn’t matter, You may have heard that many of pubg mobile best gamer play 2 fingers, then you understand that this issue does not have much effect, you have to practice a lot, you have to play a lot of matches, you can click on this post to know more about this topic – click here

PUBG mobile code


Now I will tell you about one of the most important things that you have not heard of yet, this is something that will help you to improve your PUBG mobile gameplay,

The thing is very simple that you must watch videos of players who play better than you, there are many good quality players who have videos of their gameplay on youtube to show people, you can watch those videos in your knowledge of how to handle his critical situation in pubg mobile. You can get your idea about that by looking at it, but these tips will help you a lot to improve pubg mobile gameplay,

Another thing you can do is create a room in Tdm with your friend and play 1v1 or 1v2 or 1v3 and also 1v4 to increase your skills and accuracy.Hope you understand,


In conclusion, you need to practice a lot, without practice you can never improve your aim and skills accuracy,

“”Because practice makes man perfect“”

So my dear PUBG mobile player i hope YOU enjoy it,

Keep supporting us and keep practice, never give up, see you can be a good player too,

I'm YouTuber, and I'm always sharing my ideas and try my best, so that all your problems can be solved.

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