iphone 13 pro max pubg mobile graphics settings

today I will tell you iphone 13 pro max pubg mobile graphics settings

You must know that another new phone of iPhone series has come iPhone 13 pro max, gaming performance in this iPhone 13 pro max has been improved more than the previous series, because every single company focuses on the gaming sector and improves their flagship mobiles. Going, but the iPhone is far ahead in these respects,

Now let’s get to the main point, today’s main topic is iphone 13 pro max pubg graphics settings, because iPhone 13 is new for which many are unaware of pubg mobile graphics settings, because pubg mobile player everyone has many confusions how to perfect PUBG mobile graphics settings

So, there is no reason to worry, I will share with you screenshots about perfect pubg mobile best sensitivity and graphic setting,

Before we talk about Pubg mobile graphics, let’s share some information about iPhone 13, what are the features of this iPhone 13 Pro max,

In addition, the iPhone 13 pro max has the Apple bionic A15 chipset (5nm), with 120hz, which is the highest for gaming, you can get the iPhone 13 120fps graphic experience, moreover the battery is given 4300,

Which will help a lot for a gamer, then you understand that mobile gamers are all very excited about this mobile,

Note: You can get the iPhone 13 120fps graphic experience in this addition, it’s a big deal, which will give a player a much better gaming experience,

Best PUBG mobile sensitivity for iPhone 13 pro max Click here

IPhone 13 pro max graphic setting

graphic you will see UHD Ultra iPhone 13 pro max, which will make your gaming performance even better, you can see in the picture below

PUBG graphics

Ultra UHD settings

Moreover in the picture below you can see the frame rate 120fpps, you will select it, 120 fpps but many High frame rate, which is the world’s best top frame rate

120 fps settings

Iphone 13 pro max

Now I will share some tips about how to settings PUBG mobile gyroscope for iPhone 13 pro max settings better,
By the way you can know about Proper way in this post about ads and camera setting, click here to know

iPhone 13 pro max gyroscope sensitivity,
a very important setting for gyroscope sensitivity PUBG player,

• 1st person no scope: 300%
• 2nd person no scope: 300%
• TPP & FPP: 55% same
• Red Dot & HOLO: 400%
• 2x scope: 300%
• 3X Scope: 250%
• 4x scope: 187%
• 6x scope: 120%
• 8x Scope: 98%

Download PNG

Finally I would say this is perfect for iPhone 13 pro max Gamer, you can buy iPhone 13 for gaming, because if you want to be a professional gamer you have to shift ios device, I hope you understand,

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