November 28, 2022

Best PUBG mobile sensitivity for iPhone 13 pro max

In today’s post I will share with you Best PUBG mobile sensitivity for iPhone 13 pro max,

First of all let me give you some idea about iPhone 13 pro max,

pubg mobile sensitivity that will be discussed

everyone has a problem, everyone need best pubg mobile sensitivity for better gameplay, here is topic will be discussed –

  • is iphone 13 best for gaming?
  • iphone 13 pro max specifictions
  • best PUBG mobile sensitivity for iPhone 13 Pro max
  • ads sensitivity for pubg mobile
  • gyroscope settings
  • final opinion about 13 pro max performance
  • Faq section

what is iPhone 13 that will improve your gaming performance?

You know the iPhone is the most popular in the world and the iPhone is ahead of everyone in terms of gaming, you may or may not believe it, but the truth is, no other company in the world has been able to perform as well as Apple,

But yes! You may have questions or you may have questions! “Are other mobile companies doing much better?”

Yes, there is an argument in your question, but I did not say that the rest of the companies are performing poorly.Phones from other companies are performing much better,But considering all that, you have to keep Apple’s phones number one in terms of gaming,

iphone 13 pro max specifictions

Apple has recently released the iPhone 13 pro max, so gamers have the first choice iPhone, Because the best gaming experience available iPhone,

In addition, the iPhone 13 pro max has the Apple bionic A15 chipset (5nm), with 120hz, which is the highest for gaming, you can get the iPhone 13 120fps graphic experience, moreover the battery is given 4300,
Which will help a lot for a gamer, then you understand that mobile gamers are all very excited about this mobile,

Let’s come to the main point

best PUBG mobile sensitivity for iPhone 13 Pro max

At First Free Camera:

  • 1st person: 250%
  • 2nd person: 300%
  • 3rd person: 400%

Now come to main camera:

  1. 1st person no scope: 55%
  2. 2nd person no scope: 56%
  3. TPP & FPP: 55% same
  4. Red Dot & HOLO: 30%
  5. 2x scope: 30%
  6. 3X Scope: 10%
  7. 4x scope: 9%
  8. 6x scope: 7%
  9. 8x Scope: 6%
pubg mobile sensitivity settings code
Camera settings

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pubg mobile best ads sensitivity

  • 1st person no scope: 55%
  • 2nd person no scope: 56%
  • TPP & FPP: 55% same
  • Red Dot & HOLO: 1%
  • 2x scope: 1%
  • 3X Scope: 1%
  • 4x scope: 1%
  • 6x scope: 1%
  • 8x Scope: 1%
Ads sensitivity

pubg mobile gyroscope sensitivity code

Now come to main point Gyroscope sensitivity, a very important setting for gyroscope sensitivity PUBG player,

  1. 1st person no scope: 300%
  2. 2nd person no scope: 300%
  3. TPP & FPP: 55% same
  4. Red Dot & HOLO: 400%
  5. 2x scope: 300%
  6. 3X Scope: 250%
  7. 4x scope: 187%
  8. 6x scope: 120%
  9. 8x Scope: 98%
PUBG mobile gyroscope sensitivity settings
Gyro sensitivity

You can easily use this code and you can set up automatically sensitivity settings
Here is code : 7007-2504-3316-5494-710


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final opinion about iphone 13 pro max performance

The best for gaming is the iOS device, if you are a professional gamer then the iPhone is the best for you,

The iPhone 13 pro max can be perfect for you because you do not have to face any kind of problem,


Is iPhone 13 or 14 best for PUBG mobile?

Smooth gameplay
You will find much better gaming experience between iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, used as chipset A15 bionic chipset,

PUBG mobile sensitivity settings without gyroscope?

You can easily copy the sensitivity settings code from this article and use it,

i hope you use this sensitivity to make iPhone 13 pro max comfortable feel,
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