PUBG Mobile Best Sensitivity Settings with Gyro

Today’s main topic is pubg mobile best sensitivity settings with gyro

PUBG mobile The most popular game in the world,PUBG mobile is one of the most interesting games in the world.

Until now, people find themselves  differently in this game and can communicate with different people in different countries through this game, which is to build a good relationship with people from one country to another through this game, because different through this game. You can talk to the people of the country,

Today’s main topic is pubg mobile best sensitivity settings with gyroscope 2021 & 2022

Sensitivity is a kind of controlling settings, through these settings pubg players make their own game controlling settings in the game, so I will share with you the control code and the picture with you, how you can fill these settings in the perfect way,

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You can see below that I have shared the screenshots, you can download and use these screenshots if you want, or if you want, you can collect those codes with the code given below and enter your PUBG mobile and paste the codes, you can automatically adjust your sensitivity,

First Free Camera Settings *
Free camera settings include first person, 2nd person and 3rd person,These are the three settings you can customize if you want.

• 1st person you keep – [250%]
• 2nd person – [250%]
• 3rd person – [250%]

The most important settings camera setting
This is the most important settings of Pubg Mobile because the players in my settings feel in the game, this camera effect works in the game to say feel,
So today I will tell you how much you will keep it –

• Keep 1st person no scope – 55%
• 2nd person no scope – 55%
• TPP Aim – 54%
• FPP aim – 51%
• Red Dot, Holo – 30%
• 2x Scope – 30%
•3x scope – 11%
• 4x scope – 9%
• 6x scope – 7%
• 8x scope – 7%

PUBG mobile

Camera settings

Camera sensitivity Done,
now I will tell you about ads sensitivity,

” If you are a gyroscope player this sensitivity is for you”

Ads sensitivity *
Here is Ads sensitivity –
• 1st person no scope – 54%
• 2nd person no scope – 55%
• Red dot, Holo – 1%
• 2x scope – 1%
• 3x Scope – 1%
• 4x scope -1%
• 6x Scope – 1%
• 8x Scope – 1%

PUBG mobile

Ads sensitivity

Remember if you are gyroscope players then its will be worked,

Now one of the important step Gyroscope sensitivity
Let’s show YOU best gyroscope sensitivity
Here is gyroscope sensitivity * –
• 1st person no scope – 300%
• 2nd person no scope – 300%
•Tpp aim – 1%
• Fpp aim – 1%
• Red DoT & Holo – 300%
• 2x Scope – 300%
• 3x Scope – 250%
• 4x scope – 186%
•6x scope – 111%
• 8x scope – 98%

PUBG mobile

Gyro sensitivity

One thing to keep in mind is that you have to do this sensitivity setting, that is, you must practice a lot after setting this sensitivity, because you will not be very easy in this setting at first, you will have to practice a lot,
Moreover, you can easily set automatically through the control code,

Below is the sensitivity control code –
Sensitivity Control Code =7007-7960-0048-6588-417

PUBG mobile

Sensitivity Settings

Dear viewers, if you want, you can take 4 fingers & 5 fingers Control Code,
I’ll give you the control code,
You can download PUBG mobile control code with pictures,
Given – at First 4 fingers PUBG mobile Control picture with Code

PUBG mobile


5 fingers PUBG mobile Control picture with control Code

PUBG mobile

5 fingers

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