PUBG mobile season 21

PUBG Mobile Season 21 Leaks

You may still not believe that pubg mobile season 21 has been released,
You can release it and say leaks again,
pubg mobile Now season 19 is running,season 20 will be released on 18 September 2021,

Meanwhile PUBG mobile next update i mean Next season 21 has already leaked,

So today I will discuss your Season 21, I will give you an idea of ​​what this season 21 will be,

Must read to the end,

Today’s topic PUBG mobile season 21 leaks – tesla car new skin release date, Rp Rewards and more,

At First I’m sharing with you PUBG Mobile season 21 Rp Players outfits

season 21 outfits:
This season there will be 5 outfits, these 5 outfits Looking so beautiful And compared to other times this season outfits are very beautiful and in a very unique way PUBG mobile has come, you will be very happy to see these outfits this time, let’s talk about your outfits as well as these outfits. I will also share pictures,

first outfits name-

Butterfly Outfits:

Butterfly outfits look so beautiful and so nice, you won’t be disappointed with this season’s update, PUBG mobile always tries Gamer the way they like it works, you must like these butterfly outfits, it is basically Modeled after A white and blue butterfly, this outfit has a beautiful cape and helmet.see the picture bellow

PUBG mobile season 21 outfit

Butterfly outfit

Now I will share your next outfits,

White Bee outfit

This one will probably be one of the most beautiful outfits of Season 21,
THIS outfit modeled after popular breed and bees, I hope you like it a lot,

PUBG mobile season 21 white bee outfit

White bee outfit

Samurai outfit
It sounds a lot like a Chinese cartoon character name, but it’s true, Samurai outfit is taken from a Chinese cartoon, it’s designed like Chinese costumes, a lot like Chinese karate masters made their costumes, you might notice. Made exactly like the Chinese costumes,

PUBG mobile season 21 samurai outfit

Samurai outfit

The other two outfits are named
Honey bee outfits & ladybug outfits,

Honey bee outfits

PUBG mobile season 21

Honey bee outfit  It’s basically made of honey collection bees like them, you can understand what this outfit looks like when you look at it and it’s also one of the best outfit in pubg mobile season 21, I hope you guys like this outfit,

Ladybug outfit
Many of you may be surprised to hear its name, what a name it is actually made for female characters, but it is also very beautiful and you will like it a lot, look picture below

PUBG mobile season 21

Ladybug outfit

Now I will tell you the best update of this season with car and others vehicle skin,

In this season 21 a lot of good bike skin has been released,
The skin of this bike is very beautiful and looks very good,
You can see his picture –

PUBG mobile bike Skin

Season 21 Pink bike Skin

Moreover, PUBG mobile has appeared this season with many unique skin of new Tesla car,
You can see the tesla car skin below,

It’s one of the best Tesla car skin , it’s already comes in Chinese version game of peace

Here is it-

PUBG mobile season 21 Tesla car

Tesla car skin

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Moreover, pubg mobile new updated has come up with a very beautiful mode, Since the corona virus has made human life very difficult for these two and a half years, a monster like corona virus has been added to the pubg mobile game,

Pubg Mobile new mode

Coronavirus mode

players will kill it,
By this, PUBG meant that we have to fight with the corona, we don’t have to accept the rate,

Finally, I would like to say that PUBG mobile season 21 update is one of the best pubg mobile update,
I hope all players like this update,

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