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The most important thing for photo editing is how the photo is being edited and what kind of color is being used, but many people can’t do that, which is why many people stop editing, because they think that photo editing is very difficult, but I also want to say it Editing is the easiest thing to do right now, color correction is even easier nowadays,

Download Link bellows

Now your question is how easy is it to do color correction?

The answer is – there are many types of photo editing apps for color correction, one of which is the lightroom Mobile app,

lightroom mobile One of the reasons for this is that it can be edited manually in the same way that photo editing can be done automatically with a single click. Many may be wondering what photo editing can be done with just one click!

No need to be surprised, because photo editing is so easy now, you can easily make your photos look beautiful with just one click.

So today I will share with you 100+ Lightroom Mobile Presets Free Download link, I will share with you as a zip file,
You can download Loghtroom Preset zip file Download one click,

These presets are very high quality presets, and you can use them on your mobile without any problem, because even if it is quality, it is very small in size, your mobile will support any of your Android mobiles very easily, you should not face any kind of problem. No need, because I made them in a way that supports all types of mobiles, but you can also use it on your iPhone without any problems,

Now the question is how do you use these and how to download presets?

You do not have to worry about it, I will tell you how to download and how to use them, I will tell you this post completely clear,

First let me tell you how to use lightroom mobile presets?

Presets are very easy to use, you can download the lightroom mobile app from playstore, then you can download the presets from the lightroom presets download link and add them to your mobile storage,
Then you open the lightroom mobile app, you can easily add the presets,

Now let’s get to the point where you came

how to download lightroom Mobile presets free?

I have given you two download links, the first is the Google drive link and the other is you can easily download it by clicking on presets from the home page of this page.

Download smile text png click here

But I think if you download it the way I shared the Google Drive link first, then the quality will be much better and it will be very easy for you to use it,

I hope I have cleared up all sorts of confusion through this post of mine, but if you still have difficulty understanding and you have difficulty downloading these you can contact me,


Download neon name letter png click here

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You can see below what the picks look like before and after editing,

You can see his before edit and after edit,

Squid game poster editing png click here download

Orange and teal preset  before and after

Lightroom presets before and after

Moody orange preset before and after

Moody orange preset

Preset before and after Edit

Before and after

Preset before and after Edit

Dark effect before and after

Download preset zip file

Also download

Download best 50+ lightroom presets (click here)

Preset before and after Edit

Before and after

 Preset free download before and after

Before and after

Preset before and after blue effect

Before and after

Download butterfly PNG

Orange and blue effect preset

Orange effect


After all now you can download lightroom presets zip file download,

Plz check middle of post you can see download button ✅

Part 2 Is coming next few days

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