why money heist is so popular in india – when will money heist season 6 be out

money heist so popular in india this is your question?

Today I will tell you in a very clear way why this web series in popular India, it would be wrong to say only India, the best web series in the world is this money heist ,,

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That’s why this web series has won the hearts of most viewers among the best web series, it has so many mysterious characters with mysterious suspension stories that have kept people in this web series, once people sit down to watch this web series, this web series is over. Otherwise, they will not stop watching, because people will never lose interest in watching another episode just by watching one episode, watching one episode will increase their interest in watching another episode, because this web series has so many good stories and arranged stories that have fascinated people,

Let me give you some idea about what the story is like and what kind of story this website is made of. Many of you may have seen this website but many of you may not have seen it yet. You will go crazy to read this post of mine.

Money heist web series is released in Spanish language first, since it is released on Netflix, Netflix dubbed this web series under Netflix according to the languages ​​of the countries where Netflix is ​​Netflix to make it more popular. Due to this, it has become more popular among the people. The interest in color has increased a lot. Due to the popularity of Netflix in India, it is also dubbed in Hindi in India, which has made the Indian people more interested in watching the web series. Looking at this website with interest,

In fact this story is made up of how a few people steal money from a bank,
There is a leader in their group whom everyone calls a professor, this professor does all these things, the story has more characters who have acted in the rest of the characters, they have all portrayed their characters very beautifully, I will tell you first to end this interest. China, you can watch by subscribing to Netflix,

This web series has been released for 1-5 seasons, the last 5 seasons have been realized a few days ago, this is the end of this web series, but it cannot be said that the announcement of season 6 can be deceived, because this money heist has created so much hype among people that part 2 may come,

One of the main reasons why it is so popular in India is that people in this country are crazy about movies and Netflix has arranged for dubbing in Hindi so that everyone can enjoy this money heist in Hindi.

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Moreover, the story is full of mysteries, which is why everyone is so excited about it,
In the end, I will say that if you watch at least one episode of it, then you will never see it on television,
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