where did lionel messi started his football career

Salta dated June 24, 1986. A wonderful boy was born into a middle-class family in Rosario, Argentina. The boy’s father was a manager in a steel factory. Mao worked in a factory. That wonderful boy was growing up there with his parents. Although he was not very naughty, he was very reluctant to study. However, from a very young age, the boy fell in love with football. The country is the state of football artists. The country from which all the football magicians like Maradona, Batistata, Stefano came out. The whole football world was fascinated by their aesthetic football. It is not uncommon to be addicted to football from that country. So seeing the boy’s madness towards football, the boy’s father Mao could not stay still. The boy bought a pair of less expensive boots. He used to go to the field holding his grandmother’s hand and use as much opportunity as he could with the elder brothers of the area. But that was not enough for him. Seto came to make history. To give birth to a new chapter. Its how this little time will suffice. At that time, the grandmother was the boy’s worthy companion. And yes, another thing, the boy’s father, but he was the coach of a local club there. The name of the club was New Wales Old Boys.

Were you surprised to see the name? Yes, this is the club where football god Maradona spent his childhood. So on the advice of the boy’s grandmother, the father took him to the club. Talked to the sporting directors of that club. But according to the directors, such a young boy cannot be given a chance in the club. But at the request of the boy’s father, they eventually recruited the boy. The boy made his debut for the club in the next match.

The story starts right here
In his debut match, the boy surprised everyone present with his or her foot magic. In that match, the boy overcame almost 11 of his opponents, and through all the aesthetic dribbles, the boy was repeatedly beating the boys who were much older and physically stronger than him. The club directors of that time seemed to see the reflection of Maradona in their past in the boy.

In this way, the boy began to recognize his own caste in the New Wales Old Boys’ Club. Many big clubs already know about him. Some clubs even started offering it for him. But that’s when the danger came. The parents noticed that their son was getting older but he was not getting better like everyone else. He is not growing like everyone else. The boy’s parents were worried. When they took the boy to the doctor, the doctor told him that the boy was deficient in growth hormone. Children will not grow up with this disease. If there is a problem, there is also a solution to that problem The doctor said the boy would recover if he received good treatment. It will cost a lot. It will cost about a hundred dollars per month. Listening to the doctor, the parents put their hands on their foreheads.

How will they treat the boy. The family of Tanapora. How to treat the boy who is struggling to make ends meet The father appealed to the son’s club management if they would bear the cost of the son’s treatment. But I did not get any positive answer from them. Clubs like the then Argentine club Boca Juniors or Riverplate at first raised hopes, but later they too gave up. There is no end to the worries of parents. What will happen to their only child now.
But will Bidhata, who has already been included in the list of legends, run out so easily?
Arrival of Carlos Rexers in Argentina.

Who is this Carlos Rexas? Find out his identity first.
Carlos Rexas is a former player and coach of Barcelona, ​​then one of the top clubs in Europe. So why did he come to Argentina at that time. Yes, at that time his job was to travel around the world to find talented footballers for Bar বিখ্যাতa’s famous La Masian academy and that is why he came to Argentina.

Arriving in Argentina, he started looking for the talented footballers he wanted. But the boy was nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t find anyone like Riverplate, Boca Juniors and many other big clubs. I have already said that the story of that wonderful boy from New Wales has already spread all over Argentina. Carlos Rexas also knew about the boy’s talent. Their former Barাa player came running to Maradona’s childhood club New Wales. Who knew he would get the talented footballer he wanted when he came here
He came into the field and stood in amazement. Don’t be surprised or why. He saw the shortest and weakest boy on the field beating all the physically strong players taller than him, scoring one goal after another. Ayeno is a helpless surrender to that little boy. Hexas then decided in her mind that she wanted this boy. He will take it to Bar্সa. That’s what you think. He ran to the boy’s parents He offered this boy directly for Barca.

The parents’ surprised answer. The boy’s growth hormone has appeared. Never grow up again. Thought folds on Carlos Rexas’s head. How can he leave this Ratan and go back. The boy’s parents explained everything to him. Their son will be better if treated. Will grow. But it is not possible for them to bear such a cost.

I don’t know what Carlos Rexas saw in the boy. The boy’s parents assured his mother. He went back to Bar্সa with some pictures of the boy or his footsteps. Showed board officials.

He said the problem was to cover the cost of the application treatment. Persuaded the board officials. Salta in the early part of the two thousand and twenty-first century. He came back to the Newell’s Boys Club in Argentina. He met the boy’s father at a hotel. He said he would take the boy to Barcelona. They will bear the entire cost. Dad left Huff alive. Carlos Rhesus was so impressed with the boy that he signed the tissue paper because he had no paper on hand.

He moved to Spain with the boy. The boy joined La-Masian at that famous academy. On the one hand, the treatment is going on and on the other hand, the boy’s footsteps in La Masia. Gradually the problem of her growth hormone disappeared. In just 3 years, he made his debut in the main team of Barcelona in 2003. From then on, I didn’t have to look back. From the time of his debut, the history of Bar্সa began to change completely. Their reign began in Europe. Their triumph everywhere. Almost all the tropes in Europe come to the homes of the Catalans. The boy is not behind in any of his personal achievements. The first Ballon d’Or win in 2009. He currently owns a maximum of 6 Ballon d’Ors, including 4 consecutive Ballon d’Ors. This year’s Ballon d’Or also tops the list. There are also the highest record 6 golden boots. A maximum of 4 golden balls and a maximum of 91 goals in a year.

He has all the awards in football. There is no award that he has not won. There is no other such instance in history.
By now you must have understood who I am talking about. Yes he is none other than the wonder boy The Got of Football, football magician Lionel Andres Messi who was born in the city of Rosario by lighting the house of George Jorge Messi and Selina Messi.

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