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Pubg is a popular online game right now, so if I was asked which game is the most popular right now, I would name this game, because you probably know that now everyone understands pubg as online gaming, because it allows you to play with friends.

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So today I’m going to discuss in detail some of the pros and cons of pubg.
The journey of Pubg started from 2017. Despite not getting much response, the game gradually became very popular in a few months. A game that is very popular at the present time. People of almost all ages play this game.
Most people play this game in their spare time. There are some exciting moments in this game from which people can have fun and spend time happily.
And there are many gamers who have chosen gaming as their career and Pubg Gamer is one of them.

In Pubg, you can play with four people in a team and you can arrange your team with two people if you want. And you can play alone without anyone if you want, but the most popular is playing four together. When four people play together, you can talk to each other. And there are different types of maps in Pubg.

One of the most popular maps is Erangle, in which 100 players are divided into 30 groups, one for him and the other for 100 players. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to finish a match. And 30 to 40 minutes you have to survive within the map. And you have to beat your opponent team to win.

If you want you can play more small matches called Livik. In which there are 50 players. You don’t have to play much time on this map, a match ends in 15 to 20 minutes. Also included in this game are Karkin Map and Shahnak and Miramar also have inventory TDM for many practices.

And to play in this game you have to be very skilled and attentive because to play in this game you need some training which is in this game. There are many games in the world today and there are many types of games of which this pubg is one of them and pubg has been able to increase their popularity very fast for their gaming performance.

Now a days Many people now earn money with this game, so many people have chosen their own career through this game. Many people are live streaming this game and many people have earned a lot of money from it

but at present some teenagers are addicted to this game. We can’t blame the game for this because the children are misguided due to the negligence of the family. Adolescents can remove their addiction from this game through family awareness so every family should pay a little attention to their child and nurture their child through awareness.

Proper use of Pubg is a great game that can improve our society so we should make proper use of this social software.

Due to the closure of schools, colleges and universities at the present time, many students are unemployed and they are playing this game mainly to spend their time. The game currently has a large number of game players and this game company is very large.

Here is more exciting think in Pubg :
By joining a clan in this game you will be able to play together with people in different places. This game is updated every two months and a new map is given for each update. It features a variety of aesthetic scenes that increase each player’s interest in the game, and the level at which the player will play will increase according to his game performance. Everyone is more interested.

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In the middle of a match, the first hundred players are flown over the map so that they can land anywhere on the map as they wish and collect guns and ammunition from the houses and come forward to defend their opponents and thus defeat the opponent while all When the opponent is defeated, he is declared the winner and if he wins the match in Pubg,
he is given the winner winner chicken dinner which is very beautiful and exciting. And these games have rankings today that give them some plus points if they play well and minus them if they play badly. And this game has a lot of events and some missions are given from the game which can be filled with different kinds of gifts that increase the interest in this game so it can be said that Pubg is a very fun and enjoyable game With.

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