how to make money online without paying anything in south africa – durning this lockdown

When you click, then you must want to make money online for which you clicked on this title and came to my website, today’s main topic is how to make money in South Africa without spending any money online, then  You can read this post for 5 minutes without delay and find out how you can earn money online in South Africa,

We all know that our country has a lot of economic problems in South Africa. This problem has a lot of side effects on our young society, for which many young people have become unemployed and they suffer a lot of frustration due to unemployment, so today’s post is for the people of South Africa in our country.  During this lockdown, many people lost their jobs for two years, people became unemployed, so I will tell you some tips for those people, through which you can earn money online, sitting in Africa, start without delay –

Earlier I did not mention some of your mediums. You can make money online by using these mediums. Again, they are without any cost;
* Start YouTube channel
*  * Advertise on Social media
* Online content writing
*  * Start a blog
* Instagram marketing
*  * digital marketing
* Online survey
*  * become freelancer

I have given you 8 mediums, all of which are very easy except one and you can earn income without any kind of investment, many more, you can start any one of the suitable attire and start earning a lot of money online, but as soon as you start that  You can earn money but not you have to spend a lot of time and you have to be patient as well as you have to choose between the eight which will suit you best, which will be easy for you, which will be very easy for your work,
so you have to choose between these eight  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Just by getting started, let me tell you some details on how you can earn money using these mediums in South Africa,

Start YouTube channel:
•  The easiest way out of these eight is to earn money by opening a YouTube channel in Hutch, which is very easy for South Africans to earn income without any expense.

There are many companies in Africa that sponsor YouTube channels, so it will be easier and more profitable for people in Africa to make money by opening a YouTube channel at this time, but it is not that you can start earning money by opening a YouTube channel.  You have to take the time and be patient to make a good video all the time, because you have to choose what content you want to make. In order to open a YouTube channel, you must create a contact.  If not here’s a new product just for you!  You can,

Advertise on Social media:
The option is not too bad. This option may have taken you a while at first, but it is not that you will not be disappointed after taking this option at home because media has now become a platform that is used by everyone in the world.  People who are not on social platforms are not connected to social media, everyone has their own account on one of the platforms through which they interact with others or collaborate by exchanging messages, now many people are shopping using social platforms using social platforms.  Yes, because when you see a social butt that you use, you see a product in front of you, think you like this product and you want to buy, then what you have to do is click on that product link to buy.  Would like
Understand, this is how it is now,

how do you make money using social platforms, but it is very easy you have to open a Facebook page that you can only make money using Facebook, but not as much as Facebook  There are social platforms through which you can earn money, this way you can earn money through social media,

You can earn by freelancing and also start a blog you can choose lot of option,
To start a blog you can choose WordPress or blogging site, you write an article and post everyday I hope just six month you can do it then you see your result, you can earn a lot of money like 1000 dollars maybe its increase by 2000  -3000 dollars,

So you can start freelancing and start a blog, much better option you can’t find,
So far in this post, I will tell you in detail about the rest of the options, how you can earn money in South Africa through various other means again online and how you can earn money through your mobile again in South Africa, you must follow my website and your friends.
Sometimes you can share this post. There are unemployed people in our country in Africa who want to earn money online. You can’t tell your friend to share this post. After reading this post and using these tips, he can earn thousands of dollars a month.  If you want to comment here, you can contact me if you want. You can follow me on Instagram or YouTube channel. I will share a lot of tips there.

So be good, don’t be discouraged, believe in yourself and any work that requires patience, whether it is online or offline, requires patience everywhere, as well as you have to choose which work suits you and which work is best for you so you have to do it at home.
Which job will be the best for you and will be the best, I just told you just trips, you can earn money by following these tips but you have to do the main work, because I just shared the idea that you have to do your job and believe in yourself.
You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. I believe that if you can work 4 to 5 or 6 months in a row, you can be patient and do a good job and you will never be disappointed and you can earn thousands of dollars a month.  Online via mobile or PC,

So to this day, you must stay well, stay healthy, take care of yourself,

I'm YouTuber, and I'm always sharing my ideas and try my best, so that all your problems can be solved.

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