New business ideas 2021 in English – For students

You may be wondering how a student can start a business again in 2021, your father’s logical reason is that it takes a lot of money to do business, a lot of time which is impossible for a student, even if you can give a little time Nothing is impossible if students can give time, now it is a matter of how students will start a business, how they will spend time in business, how they will start a new business besides studying, then I will give you an idea. The post will look from the very beginning to the end, and if you are new to this website, you must share it with your friends. ,

So let me take you to the main topic,
Today I will tell you the names of some of your students who will start their business with less money.
1.flexiload business
2.Personal Tutoring Service
3.Trading Secondhand Books
4.Event Planning & Organizing
5.Start Personal Blogging
6.Selling Old Mobile Phones
7.Open a Youtube Channel.
8.Freelance Writing.
9.Start SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
10.Instagram marketing
11.content writing shop
13.tea stall
14. Coffee stall
15. 15.street food shop (very famous in asian countries)

There are many more that I will tell you in the next post,

But as much as I have told you, if you can start any one, along with your studies, then I hope you will be successful, you will be able to run your education from these businesses and you will be able to bear the expenses of your family inshallah. ,,

Besides, if you want to start a business, you may need some money at first sight, depending on what you want to start your business with, then you have to spend some money. ,

Suppose you drop out of class, now that you are a class ten student, I will give you some tips on how to start a business or how to start a business as well as your family.

1. Mobile Recharge Business’
Nowadays mobile recharge business is very profitable for a student, because anyone can do this business again with less capital, if you sit in a shop and you can sell tea in that shop, biscuits means everything with 4. If you can give some related shops then you can do mobile recharge business in that shop, you can get some money dividend from there by recharging people’s mobile which will be profitable for your poet,

2.Event Planning & Organizing
Event planning and organizing is a great job for students, because everyone can do this job along with studying which will bring you benefits, you can’t do it alone, you have to start this work you need some people because this work is for you alone. Not possible, but you can start this work with your classmates, you can start this work by forming a group, you can take the responsibility of organizing different wedding ceremonies, different parties, if you can do this very nicely and If you can get praise from customers then in this case you can earn a lot of money, you can do it in student life but if you can do this job properly with classmates then you can take this job as a career, if you can do this job properly then it is yours Will be the best for student life,

3.Selling Old Mobile Phones
Are you surprised to see that you can earn money by selling old mobiles in your student life?
Of course it is possible, because mobile business is very popular nowadays, everyone wants a mobile now, so this business will be very profitable for students, you can collect old mobiles, store them all together and sell them, or you can rent a house and open a shop there. Moreover, if you put up a signboard in the shop saying that old mobiles are collected and sold here, then you can take this business further, so I would say this business will be good and profitable for the students,

4.Open a Youtube Channel
You can earn income by opening a youtube channel, but it will be much easier for students, because you have to spend 2-4 hours in it, you can earn income by working a youtube channel as well as your studies, so I will suggest it,

I will tell you this today, I hope you will not be disappointed after reading this post, because I said that a student can start a business as well as study,

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