which country plays the best football in the world

A game that people all over the world love You can’t find a place in the world where no one likes football, everyone loves football, wherever you go in the world you name football, everyone says we all love the game of football, 206 under the United Nations  Football is practiced in all the countries of the country and football is played by all, not one of the two hundred and six countries that does not like the game of football and does not play football, many big tournaments are organized every year centering on the game of football,  The teams move on to the qualifiers, play the qualifiers and then advance to the group stage, each of the 206 countries having a regional tournament, such as the European Cup in the European League, the Copa America in Latin America, and the Asian Cup in Asia.  In addition, franchise leagues are held every season with the participation of various clubs, such as La Liga, the English league, the Dutch league and the French league.

The Tugiz League hosts various clubs from different countries, for which every year a variety of events centering on the game of football are held, as well as a variety of historical events, and every 5 years FIFA hosts a World Cup tournament with the participation of 32 countries.

This world cup is so exciting that people all over the world enjoy it a lot,
8 groups out of 32 are divided into four groups in each group,
It is held every one year in Copa America where 10 to 12 teams participate and 10 to 12 teams participate because it is a Latin America Cup country. Countries under Latin America can participate in this tournament.
In addition, another cup is called the Euro Cup, which is held every four years.
The European Union is represented by Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Hungary, England, Romania, Turkey, and a few other countries.

Let’s get back to today’s topic.
which country plays the best football in the world?

There are many countries far ahead in football,
About 190t out of 206 countries play football and have their list in the FIFA rankings,
Everyone who participates in this tournament every four years now has a chance to rise in the FIFA rankings because those who can get on the off-champion bus are given a lot of rankings and if they get a chance to return to the country in the rankings then the tournaments do a lot of good.  For the footballers of every country for the country,

I will be the first in the top ten to put Brazil at number one. A football team that has won the World Cup five times is the first time in history that no one has ever won the World Cup five times in a row.  There are good players who fell and will remain in the future and still exist, in the past there were talented footballers like Rolandinho Kaka Pele who took Brazil to the highest top ranking in the history of football.  They have a lot of aggressive players, a lot of followers, they like football a lot, and now Brazil has players every time, including Neymar Jr. Coutinho Thiago Silva, the best goalkeeper in the world, Brazil has won the Copa America Cup many times, about 10 to 15.  Bar, but now more other countries are much better  In football, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Portugal and various Europeans, moreover, France became the World Cup champions in 2017-2018, they lost to Argentina every day and became the World Cup champions.

So I’ll put France number 2 on my list,
If you put France at your number one then it will be much less because France number one deserves it but according to the ranking and performance France deserves the size of number two, France has a lot of talented players who are down a lot for France, they have Pogba, Ibrahim  Beach, there are many more good guys who lead in France,

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Then I will put Argentina on my list.  Who doesn’t know Argentina?  Everyone knows Argentina.
Argentina is a team that has a lot of talented players, very good players who have taken Argentina to great heights.they have messi,
Messi on the best player in the world, Messi have 6+ international award, Messi is legend, lot of people love him,

So friends, I will tell you this much today. In the next post, I will give you the details of the rest of the football teams from other countries.
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