which team is best in cricket in world 2021

After seeing the naming, you understand what I am going to tell you about today, I will tell you which country in the world is the best in cricket, then I will tell you the list without delay,

Cricket is a game that everyone loves. Everyone likes it. There is no one who doesn’t like cricket. You can’t imagine people’s passion for cricket. You may think that people love cricket, but not people. Cricket is one of them, because cricket is a gentleman’s game, because cricket is a game in which every team wins the game, it gains respect for the country, and it improves the lives of those who have made a career in cricket. Gone are the days when cricket became so popular that everyone wants to be a cricketer now because there are some opportunities in cricket that you will not find in any other job, moreover everyone loves cricket and you get different types of sponsorship in cricket from playing a cricketer cricket Can earn around 10 to 15 lakh rupees a month,

now you may think everyone can be a cricketer? You might also think that people just watch cricket for money?

No, that’s not the point, you see, this world doesn’t always have what it wants,

Everyone loves cricket, so to speak, this game is in our blood, all the games you like are very popular,
Now the question is which team is one of the strongest cricketers in the world?
First of all, let me show you which team is the strongest.
2 Australia
3. Pakistan
5.New zeeland
6. South Africa
7. Bangladesh

8. West Indies
9. Sri Lanka
. 10. Afghanistan
. 11. Zimbabwe
I have mentioned the names of the top 10 countries, these ten countries are the best in cricket,
Number 1 India
India team is so strong that you can’t believe in cricket, every single player is like one country, Indian players are so strong in cricket, you can’t break their confidence, every single short of Indian players is far ahead of other players, if you are Indian If you watch the players play you will not understand that they have world-class batsmen, world-class bowlers have the best batting in the world,
they have the best bowling in the world, they have the best fielding in the world, and their captain has such a strong mentality you can never break. ,
Moreover they are number one position in the world in ODI rankings and they are number one position in Test rankings and number one position in T20 rankings, India cricket team is a very popular team.
The most popular players in East Asia are from India, their team has a lot of good quality players who are far ahead of cricket why their skills cricketing is said to be great,

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they have top class players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya , Shekhar Dhawan ,Dhoni, Jadeja, Jasprit Bhomra, Bhubaneswar Kumar, Mohammad Sami, Shreyas Iyer, Suriya Kumar Yadav, Rahul,there are many more good players who are representing India They have confidence. They can win any game in any situation. In cricket, if you don’t believe you can read their cricket history. They have many legendary players. There are innumerable hundred, he has more than one hundred in his cricket career,

You may have heard the name of Virat Kohli, why there is no other player in the world like him who has a golden name, but he will break Sachin Tendulkar’s record one day, his cricketing eyes will be so amazing and fitness will be a gameplay everything is to do. His cover drive is outstanding, moreover he always pays attention to his fitness, for which the Indian player is different from all others,

They won the ICC World Cup in 2011, where they lost to Sri Lanka and won the World Cup on home soil in 2011. Sachin Tendulkar’s last match and that last match was won by Captain Dhoni.

Besides, they organize franchise leagues which we call IPL, through that IPL a lot of hairy players come up. IPL is organized in the national team to find a player for the national team, that was all about the Indian team but in the next post I will talk about India team In front of you,

Now let’s come to the second team
2. Australia but one of the member teams of the Cricket World, you will not lose to Australia at number one because Australia deserves to be at number one, but according to my list and recent performance I have put Australia at number two, but many times World Cup champions ,
They have a lot of good players in their team, they have been World Cup champions more than 5 times, there are a lot of good legends who have retired but they were so aggressive they were such a good player that when the opposing team will play against Australia Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.
Why are they so worried about winning? Pat Cummins, there are many more good players, the players are very skillful and they like to play aggressively all the time. The Australian team is very good,
In the next post I will tell you more about the Australia team,

Pakistan  one of the teams in the cricket world, the less I say about Pakistan the less I say, they have a lot of big hitters, who have been recording past and present, they have recently won the Champions Cup, they have A lot of good top class players, especially not to mention Babar Azam, Babar Azam but the most number one batsman in the world, his average of 60 plus, he has a lot of hands, he runs a lot in every series and wins the team, you You will be impressed by his shots. He plays so well, he has a lot of good legions who have played very well for Pakistan in the past and they have won a lot for the country.

4. England cricket team
What I will say about the England cricket team will be less, they are the World Cup champions in 2019, the game is held in their own country, Ben Stokes loses to New Zealand alone for England to win the World Cup, the game is so fascinating to watch because It was a thrilling match like no other in the history of cricket, I put England at number one, it will be less but I also put the list according to the list and recent performance, you may think England won the World Cup, they deserve the size of England number one, but Based on this, the ICC has revealed this, moreover, by updating this ranking, many times India can go down, Australia can go up or England can go down.

5. New Zealand
You are a great team, the guavas of this team have a lot of balance, they are willing to give everything for the country and play good cricket in the country which is great, moreover you may know that they lost to England in the World Cup in 2019 There was a match they could have won and they had a 99 percent chance of winning that match they lost to England and after the loss they became that World Cup champion and runners-up and England became champions, they all love each other,

but they have a lot of good players, Especially Kane Williamson, a great player, they reached the final thanks to his captaincy, they reached the semi-finals many times but could not win. They went to the final for the first time in 2019 and lost to England in the final. On the soil of their country, for which if you ask me which team is most popular with you, I will say one thing New Zealand,

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So friends, I will tell you this much today. In the next post, I will give you the details of the rest of the cricket teams from other countries.
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