How to make money online though Mobile

How to make money online though Mobile People didn’t know this word 10 to 15 years ago from today, again no one would have believed that money can be earned online through mobile, and not because people see it from ten to fifteen years ago.

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  There was a long way to go because we didn’t believe it, in many cases we didn’t believe it because we didn’t have much idea about it, but now everyone is busy thinking about making money, you may or may not know that many people make millions of dollars a month by making money online.  Which is a very commendable job, so today I will tell you how to make money online with your mobile in hand, a few ways I will tell you which way you can –

    ° Nowadays people earn money with mobile in different ways, you can do it with your mobile you have to work hard and you have to use your talent, earning with mobile is as easy as saying and listening but not as easy  You think, you have to work, you have to give time, you have to be patient, then you see a face of success,

So let’s talk about some of your means – how you can earn income using that medium with mobile

  • money income by Makes video
  • Content writing
  •Through photo editing
• By photography
• Plays online games
  • App development
  •Posting various articles on the web site
•  It is possible to have a profile on different social platforms and earn income with good quality followers.

There are many different ways to earn an income but these are the easiest and you can achieve success in less time,

Let me tell you the details

video Making –

You may have heard of video making and know that you can earn money through this, because now many people have succeeded by making money by making video, many people have reached the peak of success which is unimaginable, because video is the easiest way with mobile.  Can be created, video can be shot, video can be edited, video can be uploaded, every thing is possible in mobile,

after you make good videos with mobile you can upload on youtube you can upload on facebook then there are more dailymotion different videos  There are sharing websites through which you can earn money very fast, currently two video sharing websites are the most popular, those two are YouTube and Facebook, moreover there are many other video sharing websites they are not so popular, it does not mean that money with the rest.  It is not possible to earn money, you can earn money without that youtube, but I will suggest you to upload good quality videos on youtube and facebook, for that you have a channel.  If you need and need a Facebook page, you can easily create these,
Last but not least, you don’t just have to make videos, you have to make good quality videos, because a lot of people start competing on these two platforms, so you have to make relatively good quality videos,

Earn money by photo editing;
Photo editing is very popular nowadays, because nowadays children are very interested in photo editing, you can easily earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees a month by editing photos, you may or may not think it is crazy after telling me this but it is possible and it is possible.  Photo editing is very popular on Instagram

Earn money by photo editing

 nowadays, because there are many Instagram influencers who do photo editing through different editors, they pay a lot of money to that editor, not just the influencers who do photo editing through different editors nowadays.  So you can earn a lot of money by editing people’s pictures in this way if you want, moreover you can teach people by making videos and uploading them to video sharing sites, this way you can earn a lot of money through your mobile,

   →• Earn money by photography;

You really hear that you can make money by photography, but nowadays it is also very popular, there are various websites that can earn thousands of dollars by selling your photographed pictures and many are doing it.
Now the question is do you need a camera to do photography?  What can be done with mobile?
Yes!  100% can be done,
Now all the mobiles are provided with good quality cameras, these cameras are full of very good quality, it has different styles of cameras, it has macro camera, Ultra mode, you can earn money by using these features, moreover now you can buy extra lenses.  With them you can make your mobile camera a better quality camera, there are many websites that can earn money,

Earn money by photography

many of them are popular, this website is a very big photo and video sharing website, in this you can sell your pictures,
Not only can you earn money from photography from a website but you can also earn money offline by taking photographs so you have to acquire a lot of skills. By offline I mean people will see a lot of photos taken by different professionals now, if you are a good quality  If you can be a photographer, people will hire you to take photos of them, but in this case you will get a lot of money from them if you can take good photos of them, as well as you will go to different events or they will hire you for a wedding.  You will get paid money this way you can earn income by doing photography offline and online,

* ★ money income by app development:

Maybe you are wondering how to do app development with mobile, yes your idea is tick, because it is not possible to do app development with mobile but you can earn income by doing app development with a developer, because it will give you app development and you will only control with your mobile.  , You can do it easily without any hassle,

  In the end I will say that no matter what you do, you have to work hard online or a lot of times, because you may have heard from someone that you can earn income with mobile then you went online to earn income but after a few days you became frustrated,  If you get frustrated after working for a few days then it will never be possible for you because you have to work hard online and you have to have a lot of patience, I can tell you that if you can work for 6 consecutive months online in any case  Then I hope you reach the pinnacle of success inshallah,

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Take good care of yourself and eat delicious food, sleep well, and reduce stress. Focus on work because you have to develop your skills,

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