how to grow hair faster naturally in a week

In today’s post I will tell you How to grow hair in a week

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Hair is one of the most beautiful symbols of human beings. This beard enhances the beauty of human beings and distinguishes them from human beings through hair. Hair is one of the most beloved things for people of all genders from small to big and for people of all ages. If there is a problem then people have to face a lot of problems, human beauty emerges through hair, you will notice those whose hair is very short but they face a lot of problems, so today I will tell you how to grow your hair very fast in a week. You can,

At first why we has so many problems with our hair?

 • Lack of protein
•Not getting enough sleep
• Vitamin deficiency
•Do not eat nutritious food
•If you do not take care of hair
•As a result of frequent use of shampoo
• If you do not use aloe vera oil
•As a result of using open oil
• As a result of using alkaline soap
★ As a result of using iron-containing water, it is usually used during bathing
★ As a result of drinking too much cold water, many people drink water from the fridge

*There are many more reasons I have just mentioned your main ones which can have a very serious effect on your hair,

Now let me tell you some tips that you can use to overcome the above reasons, let’s get started,

1. How to overcome protein deficiency;
Many of us think that protein is only for the body but protein is also very important for hair, many foods have a lot of protein that you should eat all the time, and eat a lot of vegetables, especially red vegetables, you should eat more, moreover You can eat tomatoes, but you can eat eggs. Eating eggs provides a lot of nutrients.
One of the most important foods is milk, which is 99 percent protein. You should drink at least two glasses of milk every day, one glass in the morning and one glass before going to bed.
I hope you can eliminate protein deficiency by following the routines, if you can eliminate protein deficiency then you will understand that your hair growth is 75 percent ahead,

Grow hair

2. Solve the problem of not getting enough sleep;
Sleep is one of the blessings of God, if you get enough sleep you will face not only hair loss but all kinds of problems, not getting enough sleep reduces your body’s immunity, which increases your risk of getting various diseases, which is a curse for you. As it turns out, a person should get at least 8 hours of sleep, but if you only get 2 hours of sleep in that place, then you realize how dangerous you are, not just the problem that will come with the hair, but all kinds of problems.
So I would say you should get at least 8 hours of sleep, you will try to practice this.
Inshallah you will get rid of this problem,

3. How to overcome vitamin deficiency;

I will just say that you will always try to eat fruits, especially oranges, pineapples, watermelons, mangoes, try to eat a variety of nutritious fruits, I hope you can solve this problem,

Moreover, you should always try to drink more water.

4. Frequent use of shampoo:
You may be wondering why using shampoo will cause hair loss?
I must say!
This is because many shampoos contain a lot of alkaline ingredients which can cause serious damage to the hair. Moreover, even if you do not have alkaline ingredients, frequent use of shampoos will result in loss of hair thickness. Next, so use as little shampoo as possible. You can use it two to three days a week if you want. I hope you will follow this rule.

5, if not taking care of the hair,;
Not just hair, if you don’t take care of anything it won’t grow, hair care the way you do – there are many types of oils on the market you will always buy aloe vera oil for hair, the reason why I said aloe vera oil is – it has a lot of protein Aloe vera is a very important ingredient that will bring a lot of benefits to your hair, so you can plant aloe vera on the side of the house to make up for it, so you can take care of your hair.

Grow hair like that

★ Moreover, many people use different colors to make their hair attractive, which is very deadly, using it reduces the thickness of your hair, reduces the vitamins in the hair, weakens the hair follicles, so you will never do that again, many people use hair dyer again. By the way, if you use it all the time, the hair becomes very weak, use it less,

Another important thing is that if you want, you can make completely non-adulterated free  oil at home, and if you search on YouTube about how to make non- adulterated free oil, you will find videos on how to make oil for different types of hair at home. Eggs can be used on the scalp once a week, because eggs contain a lot of protein and protein is very beneficial for hair,

Lastly, if your hair loss is very serious, then you should go to the doctor without delay, then you can get a solution to the problem from the doctor,

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So that’s all I hope you can solve the hair problem by following these rules,
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If you like this post, please share it with your friends who have hair problems. Inshallah, if you follow these rules. Follow up will solve your hair problem,

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Stay well, sleep more, eat more nutritious food and drink more water,

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