how to edit dark photos on iphone

how to edit dark photos on iphone

Can’t you edit the photo with the iPhone? Want to learn how to edit the photo?

Can’t find a good article anywhere how to edit a photo with an iPhone?

Through this article, you will know how to edit the photo,

Topics that are related to Photo editing are discussed in detail in this article

  • Why Photo Editing is so popular
  • Which are the best apps for photo editing?
  • Best photo editing apps for iPhones
  • How to edit photos on iPhone
  • How to download PNG for iPhone Editor app
  • Final opinion About photo editing IOS device
  • Your questions And answers

Moreover, step by step how to edit the photo using the snap seed app is shown


Why is photo editing so popular today?

Uploading Instagram and Facebook photos has become very popular, by clicking pictures, everyone now uploads after retouching something.

Because many times good pictures do not come due to lack of weather and low lighting, then it is necessary to grade color,

That’s why everyone loves photo editing a lot, however hopefully, you will not be disappointed after reading the article,

The best app for photo editing

There are plenty of applications, with which you can edit good quality photos, moreover, use applications completely free of charge.

However, the most popular ones are – Lightroom, picsart, snapseed, on top of these three applications you will no longer find any good photo editing app,

How to edit photos on iphone

Step 1 : Vintage Effect

Snapseed is a photo-editing application for iOS and Android . you can download easily.its available on play store.
so come to main point,Open your photo on snapseed app .
And select vintage

How to edit dark photos in just 3 step

If want to download More presets click here 

Now, Enter Vintage Effect and you can see lot of effect .so you select number of 6 effect.
Because 6 number effect perfect for dark photo editing.

You need to change brightness (-30), contrast will be (-30), satution ( -100 ) (these so important effect) and last will be+30,
You adjust the color according to your picture

how to smooth face using by snapseed

now you need adjust your face .so you go to revert option and use brush 🖌️ remove extra effect on your face .

remember do not rush when you edit your photos . because Editing will not be good if done quickly. So you need to passion .

So now move on

step number 2 : Add White balance ⚖️

After add vintage – you can see top of corner on right side White Balance effect. This effect so important. See White Balance very important of every photo .

So enter it and select temperature -20 & Tint will be +20 .Remember not to be in all photos of the same
You adjust the color according to your picture.

Remember my point – The photos are taken in different ways. You see, when you click on a photo, many times the color correction of the photo is different.

Some photo will be dark already and some photo too much lighter. If your photo is already dark,

Lightroom Presets Free Download
Presets Free

Click here to download 10 Lightroom presets 

there will be no problem to darken that photo . You can easily make it.

If it is light then there will be some problem to add darken the effect in your photo but you can.
Now move on

Step number 3 : Add portrait Effect

Portrait effect one of the best effect.Using this effect you will be able to bring a very nice smoothness in your face.

Although this effect can be used to bring smoothness in the face, but there is a problem This effect does not work if your face is not visible in the picture.

Then your photo must be visible.Let’s come on main point –

How to smoothness on face

Click on portrait effect and after click you need to refresh and then Select . You can see There is lots of effect .

So you select according to your photo. I’m suggest you select smoth 1 effect .

After add the portrait option

You can now see that your picture has been edited. And also see Dark Photo Editing done.So now you can see results on your photoI hope you can do it yourself now.

Now the question is how do you download the PNG that I have used?

How to download PNG for iPhone Editor app

Many people think that with the iPhone you cannot download PNG, it is a wrong idea,You can easily download PNG from this website, again with one click,

Now the question is how to download?

you follow the steps below,You can download it in two ways

  1. 1st way “”
    tap to png and easily download it.but there is problem this way you cannot get higher quality png. So you need to check second with google drive link
butterfly png for iphone photo editing app

Butterfly png for photo editing

2nd way
YOU can donwload png on using by Google drive link. here is download link in bellowed
Download on high quality. Higher quality Build up best Photo.

png and presets collection download

  • Download more lighting PNG click (click )
  • 100 lightroom presets collection (visit)
  • Dark presets (drive link)
  • premium presets
  • visit home page for recent collection

Final opinion

The best for photo editing is the iPhone because you can easily use any type of application,

Do not have to face any kind of problem, however, Lightroom, Snapseed, picsart can be used smoothly,

So I want to say that the best for photo editing is the iPhone,

Your Questions and answers

How to edit pictures on iPhone to make them look professional?

Basic, you can easily edit professional using Lightroom, know the details by visiting

iPhone photo editor?

Actually, iPhone photo editing does not require a separate application, this is the best editor that is given in the default way, but you can use snapseed, Lightroom

Final word

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So my Dear viewers
If there is any difficulty in downloading PNG, then you must comment and I will reply to your comment.

Stay with us and wait for the next post and of course we will come up with better content than this.

Thanks for reading 💗
May Allah bless you all


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